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App of the Day — Clockify

Clockify is a time tracking tool used by organizations of all sizes and freelancers. Clockify provides services to keep track of employee timesheets, project completion, reports, schedules, and billable hours and offers weekly, monthly, and annual reports.

Here are a few Clockify integrations using Quickwork:

Add new Asana projects to Clockify.

Clockify allows you to keep track of your Asana tasks. This plugin adds new Asana projects to Clockify, allowing you to measure the time spent on them.

2. Trello — Clockify Integrations:

Create Clockify projects from fresh Trello boards.

When you create a new board in Trello, this connection automatically generates a new project in Clockify.

3. Slack — Clockify Integrations:

In the Slack channel, post any new Clockify time entries.

Quickwork can check your Clockify account for new time entries and automatically upload them to Slack.

4. GitHub — Clockify Integrations:

Create new tasks in Clockify by adding new GitHub issues.

When a new Github issue is created, Clockify will automatically generate a task.

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