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Avaza’s Top Project Management Integrations

Avaza is an all-in-one software that can handle a range of tasks, including project management, expenditure monitoring, team collaboration, invoicing, and more. Avaza is a one-stop shop for getting the benefits of various of software in one spot, reducing the need to switch between multiple programs.

Avaza’s top integrations using Quickwork

1. Avaza + Google Calendar Integrations

Make new Avaza tasks as Google Calendar events: Add Avaza tasks with due dates to your selected Google Calendar.

2. Avaza + Google Drive Integrations

Make new Avaza projects into Google Drive folders: Manage your project files on Google Drive and use Avaza to manage tasks and team communication.

3. Avaza + Dropbox Integrations

New Avaza projects will create fresh Dropbox folders: Quickwork will establish a new Dropbox folder for you and your team to save project files each time you start a new Avaza project.

Why not spend a few minutes creating your favourite Avaza workflows using Quickwork to help you gain a better insight into your business.



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