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How to Make the Most of Apollo’s Integrations

Apollo is a unified CRM platform that enables businesses to enhance the number of high-quality opportunities and interactions. Apollo provides services to help businesses develop and succeed. Organizations may learn how to communicate, target, and propose. Apollo is ideal for creating a comprehensive sales plan.

Top Apollo’s integrations with famous applications.

Apollo + Facebook Conversions Integrations

Share Apollo updates as Facebook Conversions funnel events.

This integration feeds new Apollo events to Facebook conversions as funnel events. Facebook then uses the information to show your advertising to the appropriate people.

Apollo + Slack Integrations

Send new Apollo contact messages to the Slack channel.

When a new contact is saved or created in Apollo, a message containing all of that contact’s information is sent to Slack.

Apollo + Google Sheets Integrations

When new rows in Google Sheets are added, create contacts in Apollo.

When a row is updated to a given Google Sheets spreadsheet, this will immediately add a new contact to Apollo.

Why not spend a few minutes creating your favourite Apollo workflows using Quickwork to help you gain a better insight into your business.



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