Restoring your wallet using Cosmos Seed Key with Ledger Nano S

Cosmos Network’s security and long-term growth is maintained not only through validators, but through the participation of Atom holders, which are the staking token holders of Cosmos Network. Each Atom holder can delegate their staking tokens to validators and may use bonded tokens as voting powers for governance proposals.

Currently, delegators / Atom holders can use Lunie, the official Cosmos wallet, to delegate and vote on governance. But to use Lunie, Atom holder must use Ledger Nano S to sign their transactions.

This post is a guide to anyone is trying to restore Cosmos wallet, and who is new to Ledger Nano S and Lunie. Although most people have already restored their ICO Atoms, but for few people who have not yet restored their wallet, or who are trying to use Lunie, we’ve summarized a step-by-step guide with pictures so that it is easy for anyone to understand.

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