NodeHost.Online 2018 Year End Review

2018 was a big year for NodeHost — in just one year, NodeHost went from initial business plan to a fully functioning, automated masternode deployment platform. NodeHost started as a single developer with an idea, and has now grown into a distributed team with 7–10 members across various roles. We feel it is important to provide a review of our first year of progress, especially with the NODE Coin Distribution coming soon. If you are brand new to NodeHost, make sure to check out live progress on our platform at NodeHost.Online.

Q1 2018

  • Project Inception & Initial Planning
  • Private Masternode Hosting & Testing
  • Initial Platform Functionality (Logan)
  • Team Addition: Back End System Development — Engineer (Dan)
  • Team Addition: Web Application Design — Front-End Developer (Matt)
  • Public Beta Platform Launch
  • Initial Coin Additions & Partnerships

Q2 2018

  • Team Addition: Social Media Team — Operations Manager (Ben)
  • Social Media & Community Launch
  • Team Addition: Marketing Team — Dr. Crypto (Dylan) and Marc
  • Captcha Integration, 2 Factor Authentication Integration
  • Official Public Launch, Full Service Masternode Hosting
  • NodeHost Accepted to Y Combinator Startup School
  • 10+ New Coins Added to Site, Additional Coin Partnerships

Q3 2018

  • Live On-Site Support
  • Improved Masternode Tracking, Real Time Block Count Displays
  • New NodeHost Branding Reveal
  • Team Addition: NODE Coin— Blockchain Developer (Konez2k)
  • NODE Coin Testnet Launch
  • NODE Coin Marketing Team — Influencer Team Formation
  • NodeHost Referral Link System Implemented
  • Discord Invite Competition Launch
  • 10+ New Coins Added to Site

Q4 2018

  • Server-Only Masternode Hosting Released
  • Introduced Configuration Migration Program
  • Server Only Configuration Generator On Site
  • New Pricing Structure Release
  • NODE Coin Distribution Preparation
  • Team Addition: Front-End Design Overhaul — Front-End Developer (Miles)
  • 10+ New Coins Added to Site

It has been a great year with major progress for NodeHost. We are looking forward to 2019 as our first year with a working product. This year, we are focused on developing additional platform features and functionality, as well as marketing the NodeHost Platform to grow our user base and number of masternodes hosted. We are excited to be building an integral part of the masternode hosting infrastructure, and as the masternode community grows we hope that NodeHost will become the community standard for masternode hosting and management.