Announcing Voltra Co. Desktop Beta

Voltra is a music player focused on simplicity and design.

It celebrates album art and artist photography.

You can add the music you own. It just points to your files (symlinks), so you can organize your own files however you want.

You can edit the art and all the info for songs and albums.

It tells you various stats about what’s in your collection. We’re continously adding more details.

Voltra’s music services aren’t required. The Desktop and mobile apps are offline-first! It currently works on Linux and MacOS but it’s our goal to run on Windows as well. Want to try it? Just sign up for the beta program on our website.

We’re in the process of adding a subtle feature that will allow you to discover new music. If you find something you like, you’ll be able to buy it. Anything you buy will be DRM-free; so you truly own it. And yes you will also be able to share your playlists soon.

We’re also almost finished with our mobile app so that you can bring your music with you or stream your music from the cloud!

Also, the app is written in electron! So, feel free to ask questions about it.