io.js Week of February 13th 2015

Feb 13, 2015 · 3 min read

29 language localization effort, 1.2.0 release, and much more.

io.js support added by…

io.js breaks 10,000 stars on GitHub

io.js 1.2.0 released

Opened our doors to the international community

  • Added interested contributors to teams for their language.
  • Teams registered Twitter accounts for their teams and other relevant social media accounts.
  • Teams came up with their own ways of working together, and they became more of “community organizers,” as opposed to just “translators”

Stats for Localizations

  • 27 languages communities created the first day (already up to 29)

Language Communities

io.js and node.js

  • Scott Hammond, CEO of Joyent, expressed his desire to bring io.js back to the node.js.

In only a few months io.js…

  • Has several working groups
  • Has 29 language localization teams,
  • Has drawn more contributors to the project than we’ve ever had in the history of node.js, and
  • Has been able to release quality software at a good pace with the support of an exceptional community.

We are eager to put this all behind us but we can’t sacrifice the progress we’ve made or the principles and open governance that got us here.

The Future

  • Once the foundation has a technical governance model you will see an issue on io.js’ GitHub about whether io.js should join. This will be discussed and voted on openly in a public TC meeting following the governance rules we’ve already built.

For the community, nothing has changed.

What you can do right now

Node & JavaScript

Javascript is fun and so Node is fun!

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