Jul 17, 2015 · 2 min read

Security patches for io.js 1.8 and 2.3 and upcoming events.

io.js 1.8 and 2.3 Releases

This week we have two io.js releases: v2.3.4 and v1.8.4, complete changelog from previous releases can be found on GitHub with the v1.x changelog here.

Notable Changes


Maintenance release

  • openssl: Upgrade to 1.0.2d, fixes CVE-2015–1793 (Alternate Chains Certificate Forgery) #2141.


Known issues

See for complete and current list of known issues.

  • Some problems with unreferenced timers running during beforeExit are still to be resolved. See #1264.
  • Surrogate pair in REPL can freeze terminal. #690
  • process.send() is not synchronous as the docs suggest, a regression introduced in 1.0.2, see #760.
  • Calling dns.setServers() while a DNS query is in progress can cause the process to crash on a failed assertion.#894
  • url.resolve may transfer the auth portion of the url when resolving between two full hosts, see #1435.

Community Updates

Upcoming Events

  • BrazilJS Conf tickets are on sale, August 21st — 22nd at Shopping Center BarraShoppingSul
  • NodeConf EU tickets are on sale, September 6th — 9th at Waterford, Ireland
  • Node.js Italian Conference tickets are on sale, October 10th at Desenzano — Brescia, Italy
  • JSConf CO, October 16th — 17th at Ruta N, Medellin

Node & JavaScript

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    Node & JavaScript

    Javascript is fun and so Node is fun!

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