Week 3 : Google Compute support

NodeCloud week 3 update

This week’s focus was on integrating Google cloud platform (GCP). Initially configuration for Google cloud was added to core. Due to the clean code structuring of the core, this was fairly an easy task. After adding the configuration, next task was to add the functionalities related to Google compute. Following are the functionalities implemented,

  • Creating VM Instance
  • Deleting VM instance
  • List all VM instances
  • Turn on VM instance
  • Shutting down VM instance
  • Rebooting VM instance

Along with the implementation unit tests were implemented.

Even though the internals of the cloud providers are different services provided are much more similar in nature. This serves as a certain advantage in the perspective of NodeCloud project, since it’s main focus is to provide an easy to use API set for developers to interact with different providers. There are many more APIs to be implemented in NodeCloud. Features implemented in the last week can be found in the following pull request,

That’s it for this week, ciao !