Week 9 : A week full of DNS exploration

In the previous week, I worked on adding APIs for DNS in both AWS and Google cloud platform. Both cloud providers have a similar SDK API for DNS, but in the case of AWS, they have a much more detailed API with more functionality hooked into the SDK itself. Therefore implementing common APIs was the main task.

Following are the supported functionalities by NodeCloud for DNS manipulation,

  • Create zone
  • List/get zones
  • Create record, delete records
  • Create change, get change data

Accordingly issues were created on the NodeCloud issue tracker,

Following are the respective pull requests implementing the functionalities related to DNS,

I will start brief video tutorials for NodeCloud, which will published soon. For the next week major task would be to add peering APIs and also fixing some issues in unit tests, as some of the tests can be made consistent.

That’s it for this week, see ya !

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