Google, Huawei, Privacy, What?!

Nikola Dašić
May 23 · 3 min read

Google bans Huawei, that is just US trade war with China! Nah. It’s much more!

What the hell does Privacy have to do with this war?

Data — much more valuable than Gold & Oil. Stronger than a Nuclear Bomb.
Currently, USA is the strongest. It has all of our data.

How the feathers?

Well, first of all, all the biggest companies whose services we use are from the USA and it is required of them to give users information to the US government.

Let’s explain how our use of Social Media works against us.

Likes, dislikes, shares, Message to a Friend, Comment of a Post, etc.

With this data AI can get an idea about our personality. For instance, you take your friend’s phone and from their account, chats with other people, AI will know that it is you typing from your friend’s phone. That’s why it’s important to use secure messengers like Signal.

Images we give to Social Media via posts, stories, images that we send to our friends:

This has been used for creating perfect image recognation AI that we cannot get away from anywhere in the world. This AI will be able to track anyone anywhere with just one request from the person who has access.

Voice messages and our voice in videos:

Now, the AI is even stronger, it even knows your voice. It can track you with your voice now too (on other devices, someone else’s phones, cars, ..)!

Sharing current location and sharing your location live for a period of time:

Does this need an explaination? It gives your exact location to the AI. Now, the AI has your voice, your face, your daily route.

So, apps listen to you 24/7, track you 24/7. This is for Targeted Advertising and for knowing everything about you!

Okay, what the hell does this have to do with Huawei and China?

Well, you know, Huawei is a year and a half ahead in creating 5G network system. Because of that, Huawei will be connecting everything to everything and goes bigger than any other company in the world.
Because of that, all of this data will Huawei have too!

As the world’s biggest supplier of networking equipment and second largest smartphone maker, Huawei is in a prime position to snatch the lion’s share of a 5G market which, by some estimates, could be worth $123 billion in five years’ time. So, USA is now crying. In this year, US Government won’t be the only one to have the data about everyone. The Chinese Government will have it too.

Now, it’s your choice. Should your data still go exclusively to the US, should another Government have your data, or, even better, should any?

DuckDuckGo Search Engine gives awesome tips to protect your privacy! Consider following them on Twitter.

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