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Sample draft from the first tests made on November 10th, 2021

Decentralization vs. Centralization: Make your Choice with Nodle NFT Drop

10,000 NFTs: You take the blue pill… the story ends, you go back to centralization and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill… you stay in decentralization, and Nodle will show you how deep the decentralization rabbit hole goes…

10,000 Unique Decentralization NFT

Anonymous artist, painting the Blue Pill vs. Red Pill iconic symbol on San Francisco sidewalks

A Blur of Art, Life, and Technology: Contemporary Painter, AI Models, and 10,000 Decentralized NFTs

My paintings blur the analog and mechanical reality we exist in by employing fine art painting to express contemporary muses: technology, robotics, and humans’ coexistence with an increasingly automated society.” — Mystery Anonymous NFT Artist

Why the Future Is Decentralized and the Choice Is YOURS

First drafts results after injecting the secret artist work into the AI model

Decentralization NFTs are among the first NFTs Collection in the Polkadot ecosystem

Kusama is becoming a real alternative to Ethereum for NFTs

You want to know how deep the decentralization rabbit hole goes? Join the revolution and participate in the Nodle Crowdloan:



Nodle is a smartphone-powered network connecting the physical world to Web3 using smartphones as edge nodes, creating a geolocation-based layer one that can be used by many unique applications, including real-time asset tracking. Anyone can join and earn $NODL tokens.

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Micha Anthenor Benoliel

Entrepreneur, I bring the world together through crowdsourced mobile connectivity @nodlenetwork @nodlecash @coalition_app @firechatapp @opengarden