Help Grow Nodle’s Community with Click — Join the “CLICK WITH US” Contest!

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2 min readMar 28, 2024


The Nodle team is thrilled about our new app Click, the world’s first digital trust network, leveraging the Nodle Network, as an app for social good. Click empowers creators and consumers everywhere to easily create authentic media content. Click is on a mission to combat misinformation and bring truthful photos and videos to everyone via an immutable digital proof of authenticity. Install Click on iOS or Android.

Click works in 3 simple steps:
(1) Click — to capture photos and videos with the Click camera via the Click mobile app. The content captured is automatically C2PA certified.
(2) Swipe — to sign and record a proof of authenticity on the blockchain.
(3) Share — to a public web page with creator attribution (including date, time, and location of content capture). Captured content is automatically published on the web and can be shared anywhere on any messenger, website, blog, or social platform.

Now it’s time to see what you got!

This contest is intended to get the Nodle community’s support on our new app and to familiarize you with its features and, quite frankly, its awesomeness! We want to see your world through your eyes, taken with the Click Camera app, knowing that what you’re witnessing is real. If it’s newsworthy, even better!

The Nodle Team will choose the best Click. The winners will receive NODL prizes, and have their Click shared on both Click and Nodle X profiles.

The rules are simple:

1 — Install Click on iOS or Android
2 — Capture “newsworthy” photos
3 — Sign them to the “Click Contest” channel
4 — Post them on X with #clickyourtruth
5 — Follow @clickyourtruth on X (we’ll DM winners)

Enter as often as you want March 28-April 10.


1st: $1,000 USD worth of NODL
2nd: $500 USD worth of NODL
3rd: $250 USD worth of NODL

We can’t wait to see what you CLICK! Contest entries end on 4/10. The winners will be announced on 4/11, on @clickyourtruth and Plus, winners will be featured here on our blog.

And remember, Click is for everyone! It’s especially useful for photographers, journalists, reporters, government, sports fans, celebrities, paparazzi, educators, instructors, content creators and YOU! So…what are you waiting for? Get Clicking! 🙂

Click with Us Contest Terms and Conditions




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