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How Nodle is Creating Universal Passive Income

Earn Crypto On the Go With Nodle Cash App Version 3.0

Earning cryptocurrency has never been easier.

Nodle Cash App users earn passive income in any given location at any time. This happens by users allowing a very small amount of data processing on their phone to connect to other IoT devices. Imagine during your daily activities as you pass any IoT (like scooters, fitness trackers, smart light bulbs, etc.,) your Nodle app offers a small amount of low energy Bluetooth to securely relay information for each device. In turn, Nodle rewards you with Nodle Cash.

Just download the Nodle Cash app, and in a few seconds, you’ll be generating income.

Democratizing Access to Cryptocurrencies for the Next Billion Users

Some estimates say that we’ll see 55 billion connected devices by 2025. These require power to operate, and Nodle believes that the 6 billion smartphones worldwide are the answer. By creating the largest ‘infrastructure-less’ mesh network, Nodle can power IoT ecosystems — even in areas of low connectivity — and reward network contributors with crypto currency.

Earning Passive Income, Securely.

With more than 320,000 wallets created on-chain, Nodle Chain is the largest Polkadot relay chain network

Nodle doesn’t ask users for any personal information. Our only goal is to increase and maximize the utility of the network for IoT devices and sensors. Soon, we will provide data to the app developers building layer 2 apps to help them create new services that leverage the Nodle Network, under the most strict encryptions.

You don’t need to use an email or a phone number or an Apple, Facebook or Google authentication system to log in. Nodle is not interested in any user data and the app is built with a privacy-first approach in mind. We use various randomization techniques to make sure the node created with the app stays anonymous.

Join us in this massive opportunity to provide data and insights to improve business efficiencies and solve pressing global societal issues in an increasingly hyperconnected world.

Nodle is building the largest decentralized wireless network on Earth to connect Things that could never be connected before, in a private, secure, and low cost, eco-friendly manner, all while you earn cash helping to build the next stage of connectivity.

Nodle Cash App Version 3.0 Preview

You can download the Nodle Cash App in here

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Nodle is a smartphone-powered network connecting the physical world to Web3 using smartphones as edge nodes, creating a geolocation-based layer one that can be used by many unique applications, including real-time asset tracking. Anyone can join and earn $NODL tokens.

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