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How to use the Nodle SMS Wallet

Making cryptocurrency and basic financial services accessible to all.

>TLDR: Go to and have a US phone number.

Why an SMS Wallet?

At Nodle we believe connectivity should be free, simple, and global: This includes enabling anyone to pay for connectivity anywhere in the world. The people that need cryptocurrency the most (generally speaking) do not have a smartphone, many do not even have a bank account! One thing we found during our travels was that almost everyone, no matter how poor, has a basic feature phone with SMS.

As part of our vision to free connectivity, we want to empower everyone to be a part of the Nodle Network, and have access to basic cryptocurrency. This was inspired by mPesa, the first widespread use of a digital currency. We chose Stellar to bring this concept into the future. Stellar’s ability to natively support assets (like USD, Bitcoin, Ether, NODL, and Nigerian naira), while being ultra fast and low cost makes Stellar the perfect building block for a new payment infrastructure.

The Nodle SMS wallet allows anyone with access to SMS to send and receive Stellar Assets anywhere in the world. You can learn more about why we believe in crypto for all here.

What you’ll need: 1 Short Message Service (SMS) enabled cellular communications device, active in the United States:


How can I try the Nodle SMS Wallet?

Today the Nodle SMS Wallet is live in the US using a Stellar testnet coin called LOVE. On mainnet, LOVE can be replaced with NODL, XLM (Stellar Lumens), BTC, or any coin supported on the Stellar Decentralized Exchange (See

To sign up go to and type in a US based phone number!

You should receive a response:

And a message on how to use:

And maybe even some free LOVE if you signed up on

Here’s a summary of commands:

SEND {amount} {cellphone}
SEND {amount} {cryptocode} {cellphone}
NAME {name}
REQUEST {amount} {cellphone}
REQUEST {amount} {code} {cellphone}

Pro tip: respond with:

“I love nodle”

To get some free LOVE!

Now reply to this message with:


Now the fun part! Try sending some LOVE to a friend. They don’t even need an account to receive LOVE.

Send 10 LOVE to 4155555555

The wallet should respond with:

Would you like to send 10 love to +14155555555? Confirm via “yes” or “no”.

Check the number and send!


You can also use this same format to request funds. Another fun thing to do is set your name! (If you singed up at this should be already set). Choose a cool name by typing “Name [type a cool name here]. Example:

Name acoolname

If that name is available you should get a repose with:

Name configured!

You can see your own name by typing:


Now you can simply send:

Send 10 LOVE to acoolname

And our system will automatically route this payment to this user, anywhere in the world. Ultimately, this will work across many countries, and through many different gateway providers. We are in discussions with NGOs, exchanges, and people across the world that want to deploy the Nodle SMS Gateway in their region.

So whats next?

After further testing to secure and enhance the user experience, we want to open source a gateway that anyone can deploy. Today our system runs on Stellar Testnet, and we are building a way to send to Stellar public keys or Stellar federated adress.

What connects our decentralized infrastructure of SMS gateways together is the federation address. You can learn more about federated addresses in the Stellar documentation. This means each user has a unique username, and by simply sending to that username, funds can be transferred anywhere in the world.

We are using federated addresses as a secure way to send Stellar assets in and out of our system. For example: To send any Stellar Asset to a phone (upcoming feature), you can use any stellar wallet online, all you need to know is the users federated address :


This would be the same as sending to their public key:


The federation address takes care of the routing to the public key. We prefer not to send directly to a phone number to preserve privacy of the user. To withdraw money from your phone to a public key, you will be able to do the same on your phone. Most people cannot type a public key on their flip phone:

This is part of why we LOVE Stellar! They have thought of all of the small things that make sending money around the world super easy. For global payments, and interfacing with local currencies, Stellar is ahead of the pack. Here’s an example of a few of the top Assets Stellar supports today. We want to make basic financial services, and international payments available to anyone with a flip phone:

What we are focusing on now is a way to secure this system against fraud, loss of phone, hacking, and ultimately give users control over their private keys. We also want to make this easier to use, and natively support many languages. It should just work! We’re partnering with local services to expand the capabilities this SMS interface to local exchanges, and much more! We have a long ways to go, but so far the feedback from the community has been awesome!

We will update the community as we deploy to MainNet! We appreciate your feedback and ideas. And don’t forget to spread the LOVE!

Old cell phone ad… :)

~The Nodle team

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