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5 min readJun 14, 2024

As we near the midpoint of the year, we’re thrilled to share some exciting updates on Nodle’s progress and achievements. Our continuous growth, strategic partnerships, and innovative solutions highlight our commitment to revolutionizing the DePIN ecosystem. Here’s a comprehensive look at our recent milestones:

Click & Nodle at Consensus 2024

We had a very productive time at Consensus in May.

Micha Benoliel, our Co-founder & CEO was interviewed live on Coindesk TV and the full interview is published on CoinDesk here (start at 10:33). Micha spoke with Jenn Sanasie and Helene Brauun about media authentication, the 2024 elections and how our Click app will play a vital role in proving reality. We also covered Nodle’s recent growth to over 130K DAU and close to 1M MAU. There’s also a clip of his interview on X.

Nodle Partners with Massive to Allow Nearly Half a Million Active Nodle Users to Participate in the AI Economy

We’re recently announced a new partnership with Massive! Nodle is partnering with Massive to deploy opportunities, also known as “Smart Missions” for nearly half a million active Nodle Network devices, allowing them to participate in the AI economy and earn rewards. Massive is a 100% opt-in peer-to-peer network designed to unlock the public web. Through this partnership, Massive will reward Nodle app users in exchange for the internet connectivity provided by their smartphones.

YTD Growth: A Testament to Organic Success

Our total mobile app portfolio has been on an impressive upward trajectory. In the past four months, we have welcomed over 300,000 new users across our Nodle app, Click app, and Nodle Hotspot app. This remarkable growth has been entirely organic, underscoring the strength and engagement of the Nodle community. The word-of-mouth (WOM) effect has been instrumental in building our network, complemented by our strategic focus on PR/press, storytelling, organic social media, partnerships, and content marketing.

This surge translates to an average of 17% month-over-month growth, positioning us for an even more robust second half of the year. As we prepare to roll out the Nodle DePIN on zkSync and ramp up both our product development and marketing efforts, the future looks incredibly promising.

Democratizing Media: Nodle’s Integration with Filecoin

Nodle’s integration of Filecoin is a strategic move to decentralize data storage. Filecoin, as a pioneer DePIN, provides a robust platform for storing data in a distributed manner. By leveraging Filecoin, Nodle aims to enhance its data storage infrastructure’s security and reliability.

The Click Camera app–a flagship product of Nodle–is set to utilize zkSync to enable users to capture verified images and videos. Cryptographically signed using C2PA technology developed by Adobe and part of the Linux Foundation, these verified media files carry a unique signature that confirms their authenticity. Integrating Filecoin and zkSync into the Click Camera app marks a significant step towards liberating access to verifiable media.

Nodle’s integration of Filecoin and migration to zkSync represent a significant leap forward in the quest for decentralized and trustworthy media storage. Through the Click Camera app, Nodle is democratizing access to verifiable media, allowing individuals worldwide to contribute to the authenticity and reliability of information.

Strengthening the DePIN Ecosystem with IoTeX Partnership

We announced our partnership with IoTeX, solidifying Nodle as the leading network among DePIN ecosystems. According to IoTeX DePINscan data, Nodle boasts over 780,000 active monthly mobile devices in its network. This partnership is set to enhance interoperability across the ecosystem, driving increased awareness and adoption of Nodle.

Through strategic alliances and cutting-edge technology, Nodle is reshaping the DePIN landscape. Our solutions prioritize accuracy, privacy, and accessibility, enabling real-world applications that make a significant impact.

Expanding Our Technology Footprint: Intergalactic Labs’ IP Portfolio

Intergalactic Labs, the innovative force behind Nodle, holds an impressive IP portfolio of 80 patents. These patents encompass critical systems, DePIN wireless architectures, data validation, and proof of location through digital witnesses, particularly for authenticated media content. This robust intellectual property foundation positions us at the forefront of technological advancements in the DePIN space.

Enhancing Data Security with Hayden AI Partnership

Another exciting development is our partnership with Hayden AI, a new customer for Nodle’s content authentication solution, ContentSign. This SDK, which powers our Click consumer app, will now be integrated into Hayden AI’s technology to bolster data security in major cities. Hayden AI leads the US market in mobile autonomous systems for enforcing bus lanes, bus stops, and bike lanes.

Nodle’s ContentSign will enhance Hayden AI’s chain of custody process, providing a secure and verifiable content trail for traffic enforcement evidence. Each event will be recorded on-chain with a unique identifier and provenance data, supporting the new C2PA standard. This partnership is expected to generate tens of millions of records per month, significantly contributing to public safety and data integrity.

Looking Ahead

As we continue to grow and innovate, we remain committed to our mission of building a robust and interconnected DePIN ecosystem. Our recent achievements are just the beginning, and we look forward to further advancements and collaborations that will drive the future of decentralized infrastructure.

Stay tuned for more updates and join us on this exciting journey. Thank you for being a part of the Nodle community!



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