Ledger Integration Update: Compatibility Status

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In September 2022, Nodle announced that the Nodle+Ledger integration had reached general availability after about a year of development and negotiations with Ledger, a first in the Polkadot parachains ecosystem. The integration enables users to hold NODL tokens with the utmost safety when interacting with the Nodle parachain.

Over the past months, the Nodle team was unable to release various changes, such as collator staking support, reward improvements, and on-chain Smart Contracts, along with other upgrades to support the latest versions of Polkadot. Together these features pave the road for Nodle Smart Missions. Despite working with Zondax to send all the associated code and upgrades to the Ledger team for deployment, the delivery estimates were not met. Indicating that Ledger cannot provide this service for NODL token holders at this time.

As a young and fast-moving project, Nodle can no longer wait on Ledger to ship mission-critical updates. Later this month, pending upgrades will be released on the parachain, and as a result, Ledger users may have issues signing transactions with their Ledger hardware wallets. Once Ledger ships the provided patches, they will be able to restore their service to the users of the Nodle integration.

What does this mean for you as a Nodle token holder?

It means that the Ledger Hardware Wallets may no longer be the best solution for you to safeguard their coins due to their software becoming obsolete despite having ready-to-use patches provided. You may have to install the development version of the Nodle-Ledger integration to keep using the Nodle Chain.

If you kept your NODL tokens using a Ledger, you should not have issues accessing them. The Nodle team shipped patches to Polkadot JS from Parity to ensure Nodle users could import Ledger wallets into Polkadot JS and alternative wallets such as Talisman. In addition, step-by-step instructions and a sample video have been added to the documentation. Alternatively, you can install the development version of the Nodle App for Ledger, which Zondax develops. Zondax also makes the official Nodle App on Ledger.

Will Ledger ever have a working integration with Nodle? The answer is “it depends on the maturity of the chain and the agility of Ledger in the future.” For now, Zondax will keep the development version of the Nodle App updated, and updates will continue to be sent to Ledger. If Ledger can audit and publish them timely, services for Nodle users will be restored. The situation will be re-evaluated over the coming months to assess whether the integration should still be maintained with the input of the Nodle community.

Is this a Nodle-only problem? Unfortunately not; sometimes, the Polkadot and Kusama integrations have the same issues! And any parachain with a production Ledger integration faces the same problems; many weren’t released in production because of similar issues.

What’s the summary?

  • Ledger’s slow update implementation pace requires Nodle to break support for Ledger.
  • If you have coins on Ledger it is recommended that you move them off of Ledger to other supported secure wallets.

How can the community assist?

Ledger will likely reevaluate if there is a community push against the break in compatibility. The community can help by contacting Ledger directly on their social platforms and requesting that the updates be rolled out to reinstate compatibility.

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