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NODL Circulating Supply

The Nodle Network community often asks questions regarding tokenomics. You will find a detailed look at the Tokenomics in the Nodle Docs, and of course you can read the white paper. This post aims to provide further background regarding the circulating supply of NODL. Subscan also displays the current share of circulating and non-circulating tokens on-chain.

Total Supply

The total supply of NODL Cash is 21 billion tokens. No more will be produced. Of that supply, roughly 60% (or 12.6 billion tokens) are yet to be issued as a reward by the Network. These are paid to the people who contribute to the Nodle network over time. This includes rewards on the Nodle Cash App, Nodle SDK Partners and the growing pool of collators and validators.

The vast majority of these coins have not yet been issued. These tokens will flow into the ecosystem over time. This pool is forecast to last about ten years. As this reward pool diminishes, the Nodle team will work to have new sources of demand from customers expected to buy NODL Cash and exchange those tokens for services on the Nodle Network.

Total Circulating Supply

At this point many people assume the circulating supply is the remaining 8.4 billion tokens (21 billion total minus the 12.6 billion unissued coins). In reality, most of those 8.4 billion are locked. The team holds the largest amount in this category. Collectively, employees of the company own about 2.1 billion tokens.

In 2021 these token holders agreed to lock their tokens for four years. The Nodle team are all big believers in Nodle and NODL Cash and are in no hurry to sell, believing this lock-up aligns incentives with the broader Nodle community. This lock-up was done with traditional paper contracts, and Nodle is in the process of adding that vesting schedule to the chain. So the lockups may not appear in the block explorer right now, but the restrictions are still very much enforced.

Equity Investor Pool

The next largest pool is held by the early equity investors in the company who own about 1 billion tokens. They were granted a pool of tokens to acknowledge their early support of the company. To date, none of them have expressed interest in selling. So while these tokens are fully unlocked per their vesting schedule, the Nodle team will work to encourage them to hold their tokens for the foreseeable future. While many of them will eventually exit their positions, it is anticipated that roughly half of these tokens will remain off the market for some time.

Private Sales

Next up, the Nodle team sold approximately 800 million tokens via private sales last year. Most of these tokens are now coming unlocked. In addition, various advisors and partners hold approximately 400 million tokens, many of which are locked either on chain or contractually.

Nodle Corporate Holdings

The company holds about 4.3 billion tokens in the treasury. As this is a sizable pool, Nodle is committed to using this solely for the development of the network. For instance, the rewards for participation in the recent Polkadot Parachain came from this pool. Nodle will also use this pool for various strategic purposes such as bringing on new Contributors and Collators as well as providing grants for external teams to build services and infrastructure on top of the network. In the near future, control of this treasury may be gradually handed over to token holders.


At the time of writing, the circulating supply is 1.34 billion, for the latest data, please reference The vast majority of the circulating supply is tied down one way or another. Beyond this, the growth of supply of NODL Cash will largely come from the reward pool which arrives on-stream at a gradual pace.

About Nodle

Nodle is a decentralized network on Polkadot that provides secure, low-cost connectivity and data liquidity to connect billions of devices worldwide. The Nodle network is powered by millions of Bluetooth-enabled smartphones that earn Nodle (NODL) for providing network coverage. Nodle’s powerful stack connects and secures physical assets, tracks lost or valuable items, captures sensor data, authenticates security certificates and more. Nodle provides insights for consumer electronics manufacturers, enterprises, smart cities, the finance industry and beyond. Since its creation in 2017, Nodle has become one of the world’s largest wireless networks by number of base stations.

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