Nodle integration with Ledger hardware wallets reaches global availability

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3 min readSep 22, 2022


As of today, September 22, 2022, NODL token holders can install the Nodle application on their Ledger Nano S, Ledger Nano X, and Ledger Nano S Plus devices. This integration is now available after a security audit from Ledger’s team and partners to ensure the utmost safety.

Ledger devices are recognized worldwide for their safety. Thanks to this new integration, NODL token holders will now have access to the highest grade of security to safeguard their assets. Previously, it was only possible to hold and manage NODL tokens via Web or Mobile wallets such as the Nodle App, Talisman, or Polkadot JS. This new integration allows token holders to store their keys in a Hardware Wallet safely.

There are some key benefits to utilizing hardware wallets to store cryptocurrencies:

➡ Hardware wallets are usually protected with a pin code, adding an additional layer of security for the user.

➡ The private key is stored directly on the hardware device, so it does not come in contact with the computer, making it immune to hacks, viruses, or being copied by a third party.

➡ The keys are not held by a third-party server, giving the user full custody of their digital assets.

“The integration ensures token holders have access to the best tooling to safeguard their tokens. Ledger devices are well known for their safety and recommended by most experts as the best solution to hold one’s tokens. It is pretty exciting to see Nodle fully supported by Ledger devices thanks to the work the team has been doing with our partner, Zondax.“ — Eliott Teissonniere, CTO of Nodle.

The application was released under development mode initially, which wasn’t widely available and required workarounds due to its safety component not being fully validated. The updated version is now available to everyone without workarounds.

The team behind Nodle partnered with Zondax, a leading integrator and developer of various Ledger integrations within and beyond the Polkadot ecosystem.

“We are really glad to see the Nodle application for Ledger finally being released. We believe Nodle has a great future ahead, and the Zondax team is very excited to be working on providing full Ledger support and security for the token holders. ” — Juan Leni, CEO of Zondax

The integration installation and usage are made easy via the Ledger Live application. Wallet extensions are already committed to supporting the Nodle + Ledger integration, while upcoming Web applications from the team will also present the option to use a Ledger device directly.

You can learn how to use the integration on the Nodle Documentation website.

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