Nodle is Launching on zkSync to Bring its Fast Growing DePIN to Ethereum, Strengthen its Tech, Plus Grow its Community

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4 min readApr 18, 2024


We have some exciting news for you! It’s official. We’ve just announced we’re launching on zkSync, and will soon be joining the Ethereum community! In doing so, we’re strengthening our foundational technology to improve the scalability, security and interoperability of the Nodle Network. Plus, we’re bringing Click, our new content authentication app, to accelerate the growth of our Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN) platform. This means an even better experience for 15,000+ early adopters of Click, 100,000+ Nodle daily active users and over 1 million token holders (NODL).

We are sure you’re asking yourself — Why? zkSync allows for lower fees and additional security. Plus, it brings Nodle’s new camera app, Click, to the Ethereum community and ecosystem. More detail below and in this post on Cointelegraph.

The Nodle DePIN stack on Ethereum Native via zkSync Hyperchain.

Specifically, Nodle’s launch on zkSync Era enables:

Scalability: By processing transactions off-chain and bundling them into a single transaction, Nodle achieves significant scalability improvements, enabling high throughput and lower transaction fees for consumers and enterprises.

Security: Leveraging Ethereum’s robust security model, Nodle ensures the integrity and immutability of transactions while maintaining user privacy through advanced cryptographic techniques.

Interoperability: Nodle’s EVM compatibility enhances interoperability across decentralized applications (dApps) and blockchain networks, enabling seamless asset transfer and data exchange between different platforms.

Accessibility: zkSync makes Nodle’s network accessible to a broader audience of developers and users within the Ethereum ecosystem, DePIN, and beyond.

Furthering Nodle’s commitment to enter the Ethereum ecosystem, Nodle plans to build a ZK Stack hyperchain and natively integrate its ZK technology with zkSync in the coming months. As a hyperchain, Nodle’s DePIN ecosystem will be able to further increase its decentralization and maximize the benefits received from using the ZK technology available on zkSync.

Why the migration is beneficial to the Nodle Network:

Integration with Ethereum via ZkSync: The recent integration of Click–using blockchain technology to authenticate digital media, cryptographically signing and logging photos and videos onto Nodle’s blockchain–with Ethereum via zkSync is a significant advancement for the app. zkSync, a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, processes transactions off-chain while maintaining the security and decentralization of the mainchain. This integration increases throughput, reduces transaction costs, and enhances scalability and efficiency.

Benefits for Users and Enterprises: For individual users, the integration with Ethereum offers a reliable tool for authenticating content, crucial in combating the spread of misinformation. Furthermore, for media outlets and enterprise customers, Click’s transition to zkSync on Ethereum provides a scalable and cost-effective solution for verifying digital media.

Future Prospects and Interoperability: The integration with Ethereum opens up a world of opportunities for Click and other decentralized applications within the Ethereum ecosystem. Developers and users can seamlessly interact with Click, enhancing interoperability and accessibility. This ecosystem fosters innovation and collaboration, driving adoption across various industries.

Compatibility with Polkadot: Upcoming bridges developed by the Polkadot community on Polkadot Bridge Hub are expected to enhance compatibility between Polkadot and Ethereum. Additionally, the team is developing and getting audited a Nodle specific bridge to transition assets to zkSync.

In summary, Nodle’s Click app, powered by ContentSign technology and integrated with Ethereum via zkSync, establishes a digital trust network, ensuring the authenticity of digital media in a scalable and cost-effective manner. This integration not only benefits individual users but also provides a valuable tool for professionals and enterprises, solidifying Click’s position as a leader in media authentication. As technology continues to evolve, Nodle remains committed to empowering trust in the digital age.

📅 Migration Timeline:

  • Q2 2024: Click and its services make the leap.
  • Q3 2024: Nodle’s DePIN follows suit.
  • Q4 2024: Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

The first initiative of Nodle’s DePIN on zkSync will be the deployment of Click. Click will be able to process transactions off-chain without sacrificing security and decentralization, while significantly increasing throughput and reducing transaction costs. This marks a significant advancement for Nodle by using blockchain technology for media authentication to fight misinformation leveraging the scalability and efficiency of zkSync.

By embracing Ethereum’s ecosystem and leveraging zSync and ZK Stack technologies, Nodle is paving the way for a more secure and trustworthy digital future.

As always, if you have a question, comment or idea — please reach out to us on socials or in our Discord, Telegram or Reddit communities. We’re building the future of Nodle and Click with you!



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