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🎉 Nodle Parachain is Live on Polkadot!

It’s time to celebrate! As of today, May 23, 2022, Nodle has successfully migrated from the solo Substrate chain to the Polkadot Parachain, therefore completing a crucial step toward the commitment to security and decentralization.

Crowdloan bonus allocations, except the NodleX NFT, should be available in each participant’s account immediately, as noted in the May 19 article.

Three things to keep in mind:

  1. When using Polkadot JS, select the “Nodle” Parachain in the “Polkadot & Parachains” tab. You will be able to choose a node hosted by Nodle’s partners at OnFinality and Dwellir.
  2. The customized block explorer available on will be deprecated. It was a great solution to index and explore the solo chain, but now that Nodle is a parachain, it can rely on Subscan to provide a fully-featured and more-stable block explorer for the Nodle Parachain, which you can view at
  3. If you use the Polkadot JS wallet extension and set your Nodle account to show up only for Nodle Chain, you will want to allow it for any chain (see screenshot).

Crowdloan NFTs (NodleX):

The crowdloan NFTs (NodleX) will not be issued at this stage, as doing so will be part of a separate process. The NFTs will be issued on the Nodle Chain, as we feel this is the best choice for crowdloan participants as more parachains start to build NFT bridges with XCM. We estimate that the NFT drop will be around Q3 2022 — and further communications will be sent accordingly.

About Nodle:

Nodle is a mobile blockchain network on Polkadot providing secure, low-cost connectivity, and data liquidity to connect billions of devices worldwide. The Nodle network is powered by millions of Bluetooth-enabled smartphones that earn Nodle (NODL) for providing network coverage. Nodle’s powerful stack allows multiple uses including connecting and securing physical assets, tracking lost or valuable items, capturing sensor data, and authenticating security certificates. Nodle provides insights for consumer electronics manufacturers, enterprises, smart cities, the finance industry and more. Since its creation in 2017, Nodle has become one of the world’s largest wireless networks by number of base stations. Join by downloading the Nodle Cash app for iOS or Android.

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Nodle is a smartphone-powered network, bringing Web3 to the Physical World and enabling unique geolocation applications. Join and earn $NODL tokens.