Nodle’s website has a fresh new look–now with real-time Network stats!

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3 min readApr 5, 2024


Our new website not only has all the good old information you need to stay up-to-date with our products but also streamlines wallet connections and offers a map with real-time stats from the Network!

If you’ve been with us for a while, you already know that the Nodle Network is decentralized, secure, private, and scalable, making it perfect for digital witnesses, wireless signatures, smart missions and micro-transactions. It also facilitates global connectivity by leveraging smartphones as nodes to establish a digital trust framework for social good.

If you’re new, our website is your go-to companion for everything you need to know including FAQs, our blog plus all our latest products and our new consumer app, Click, for authenticating photo & video content.

The Nodle network is growing rapidly. We thought it would be helpful to develop a network view that’s easy to navigate, informative and transparent, giving all Nodle users access to stats.

Some of the highlights are right on our new homepage. You’ll notice a link to connect your wallet, which will take you to the “Nodle Client”–Nodle’s super user-friendly interface to manage your Nodle wallet.

At the very top, you can access live updates of the Network, including the map visualization of Nodle users, the number of active nodes, the NODL token price, and so much more!

Another amazing feature of the new website is our “Learn” link with all the updated information about Nodle, from introduction to Nodle IoT for users to SDK Integration for developers; EVERYTHING you need to understand can be found in that little treasure chest.

There’s also the option to dive into our products. Some are new, and others, revamped classics.

More about our products:

  • Nodle App — The real OG:

The Nodle app offers a revolutionary way to earn crypto on your phone without needing extra hardware or crypto expertise. Anyone with a smartphone can join and start earning in just 90 seconds. The app prioritizes user privacy by not collecting personal information during onboarding, utilizing device locations solely for computing rewards, and locating Bluetooth devices upon owners’ requests.

  • Connect X — The Bluetooth connectivity toolkit for global asset tracking:

Designed for low power and cost-effectiveness, ConnectX enables Bluetooth-enabled smart assets to be located and connected worldwide. Perfect for assets unable to support costly or power-intensive connectivity methods like cellular or Lora, ConnectX utilizes BLE connectivity, making it suitable for inexpensive, recyclable devices such as packages or containers.

ConnectX harnesses the Nodle network — to locate and connect assets via Bluetooth. Nodle-enabled phones worldwide contribute to a shared network, enabling smart devices provisioned anywhere to be discovered globally.

  • ContentSign — The provenance and authenticity provider:

ContentSign assures your data remains untampered, unbreakable, and trustworthy. When anything can be fake, proving what’s real becomes essential. As AI manipulation reshape media, how can you be sure what we see online is real?

ContentSign ensures fraud prevention and maintains data integrity, using cryptographic digital watermarking to verify the authenticity of digital content like images, videos, and documents.

With ContentSign, businesses and consumers can confidently make decisions, knowing the information is accurate and genuine. The technology creates tamper-proof records of content ownership, benefiting industries such as insurance, legal, finance, journalism, and education. Integration is seamless through versatile Cloud-based API, mobile SDK, or on-premise solutions.

ContentSign enables trustworthy Capture-to-chain workflows across industries.

  • Click — The digital media content authenticator:

The world’s first digital trust network, Click, empowers creators and consumers to easily generate authentic content with verifiable metadata on a public blockchain. Click is made possible by ContentSign, Click’s proprietary technology, which leverages the blockchain to create a unique cryptographic signature.

Click can be used by a variety of people, including photographers, citizen journalists, reporters, law enforcement, sports fans, paparazzi, content creators, and more. It solves the common problem of determining whether photo and video content is truthful and authentic, addressing the challenge of verifying content authenticity, and supporting initiatives like C2PA, CAI, and Project Origin.

The blockchain’s immutability ensures that once data is recorded, it cannot be altered or tampered with.

These are the amazing results of the Nodle Network’s hard-working team.

What are you waiting for? See it for yourself:

Stop by, play around, and let us know what you think!




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