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Stock Up On NODL Bonus

Starting today, March 1st, 2022 at 9 am PST/5pm UTC, we are rolling an awesome bonus! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to stock up on more $NODL as we head to the final stretch of the Nodle Polkadot Parachain Crowdloan! You have 72 hours to secure your NODL stash, this special bonus will end on Friday, March 4th at 9 am PST/5pm UTC.


50 + DOTs = 125 extra $NODL

100 + DOTs = 250 extra $NODL

200 + DOTs = 500 extra $NODL

500 + DOTs = 1,250 extra $NODL

1,000 + DOTs = 2,500 extra $NODL

1,500 + DOTs = 3,750 extra $NODL

2,000 + DOTs = 5,000 extra $NODL

Help us continue to build the decentralized network by participating in the Nodle Polkadot Parachain Crowdloan through

Other Ways To Contribute:

  1. Parallel Finance
  2. Kraken
  3. Polkadot-JS Apps

About Nodle:

Nodle is a decentralized wireless network providing secure, low-cost connectivity, and data liquidity to connect billions of devices worldwide. The Nodle network is powered by millions of Bluetooth-enabled smartphones that earn Nodle Cash (NODL). Nodle’s powerful stack allows multiple uses including connecting and securing physical assets, tracking lost or valuable items, capturing sensor data, and authenticating security certificates. Nodle provides insights for consumer electronics manufacturers, enterprises, smart cities, the finance industry and more. Since its creation in 2017, Nodle has become one of the world’s largest wireless networks by number of base stations. Join #TheCitizenNetwork by downloading the Nodle Cash app is available for iOS or Android.

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Nodle is a smartphone-powered network, bringing Web3 to the Physical World and enabling unique geolocation applications. Join and earn $NODL tokens.