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The Nodle Cash App Is Now Fully Compatible With Third-Party Wallets

The Nodle Cash app now supports the official Polkadot Public Key format (SR25519). This means you can seamlessly import your Nodle account to any third-party wallet that supports NODL and import your account created in other apps to the Nodle Cash app. All new accounts will be generated with a public key of the mentioned format, so if you have just joined the Nodle Network, you can start using other wallets now!

If you are using a legacy wallet, it will work as usual. However, we recommend you upgrade your wallet if you plan to use it outside the Nodle Cash app. To check if you should upgrade, navigate to the screen with your public key by clicking the “Receive” button. The app will suggest an upgrade if you use a legacy wallet.

To upgrade your wallet, you must create a new one and transfer your tokens there. Here are the steps:

  1. Make sure your current wallet is backed up! If not, backup your existing wallet by going to Settings > Wallet settings > Wallet backup
  2. Disconnect your existing wallet by going to Settings > Disconnect wallet
  3. Create a new wallet as you did it before
  4. Backup the new wallet
  5. Check your new wallet public key by clicking the “Receive” button and saving
  6. Switch to your current wallet by disconnecting the new one and importing the current using a 12-word recovery phrase
  7. Transfer your balance to the new wallet using your new public key by clicking the “Send” button
  8. Switch to your new wallet again
  9. You are done — continue enjoying the Nodle Cash app

If you have more questions, please read the FAQ page.

About Nodle

Nodle is a decentralized network on Polkadot that provides secure, low-cost connectivity and data liquidity to connect billions of devices worldwide. The Nodle network is powered by millions of smartphones that earn Nodle (NODL) for providing network availability and connectivity. Nodle’s powerful stack allows users to connect and secure physical assets, track lost or valuable items, capture sensor data, authenticate security certificates and more. Nodle provides insights for consumer electronics manufacturers, enterprises, smart cities, the finance industry and beyond. Since its creation in 2017, Nodle has become one of the world’s largest wireless networks by number of base stations. To join, download the Nodle app for iOS or Android.

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