Feb 18, 2017 · 2 min read
Former Prime Minister Tony Blair addressing Open Britain event on February 16, 2017

Shared with permission from a closed Facebook group. Attribution withheld at the writer’s request.

“I don’t like Theresa May. She is a bully, ‘leading’ our country to a dark, isolated place.

I don’t like Jeremy Corbyn. He wants to ‘lead’ our country to the same place.

I don’t like Tony Blair. He ‘led’ my country to a dirty, ill conceived war for financial interests.


My partner served in both Iraq conflicts. He, above anyone I know, understands how wrong Tony Blair was in the leadership that almost killed him: He was seriously injured {redacted}. He witnessed first hand the horror, injustice and stupidity of Tony Blair’s previous ‘leadership’.

On discussion this evening, my partner said he supports Tony Blair if he can help stop this Brexit madness.

If he’s good enough for my partner to stand with, he’s good enough for me. I hope that despite our individual opinions and experiences and in deference to our collective knowledge and understanding, we can see the bigger picture and find a way to stand alongside him in this.

Our efforts so far have been largely ignored by the media. We have ‘remained’ unheard, squashed and ridiculed. Tony Blair makes one speech in our favour and suddenly the whole country is listening.

If we stop Brexit with his ‘leadership’ we have achieved our aim. Again, I don’t like Tony Blair.


Note from the editor: Please help change the conversation. Please stop the dust from settling around the divisive referendum. Please help prevent a destructive Brexit.

#NoDust on Brexit

Posts relating to the questions surrounding Britain's relation with the European Union


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Born in the aftermath of the EU Referendum

#NoDust on Brexit

Posts relating to the questions surrounding Britain's relation with the European Union

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