Important Update about Receiving Your Testnet Airdrop

NOIA network is making a huge step towards improving its product — the first decentralized Content Delivery Network. Today we are announcing the first significant change that, together with other upcoming updates, will mark a new phase for the NOIA Network testnet. We have been working on this update for a long time now and are thrilled to be launching it.

Our developer team is finally replacing WebSocket protocol with WebRTC. If that is a term you are not familiar with, here is a short list of reasons why we are switching:

  • WebRTC is designed for high-performance, high quality communication — NOIA network will operate faster and save up to 25% of bandwidth;
  • WebRTC allows us to operate without distributing SSL certificates — even safer connections within the network;
  • We won’t need to create subdomains for each node — simplifies the backend processes immensely and makes the performance of the network smoother and faster;
  • Traffic is now encrypted — makes the network as secure as possible.

It is a major step forward in the development and improvement of our network. Quality-wise it brings our product to the next level.

Download the new version!

Already downloaded the new version? Here’s your next step:

Due to the fact that we are replacing our Websocket protocol with WebRTC, the port WS 7676 TCP is now irrelevant and can be closed.

Instead, in the new GUI Settings section, you will find two new ports, the 8058 UDP data port and the 8048 TCP control port, both of which must be opened.

If you have any problems in opening these ports, please contact us on Telegram. We’re there to help 24/7.

Originally published at on August 27, 2018.