Instructions to join the Testnet

The 1st phase of NOIA Network Testnet is live. We are inviting 2,000 people to participate by deploying NOIA nodes on their machines. To incentivize participation, we will be rewarding each participant with 200 NOIA tokens every week. Anyone that fits the criteria may join and help the network.


  1. Sign up on NOIA Network dashboard and complete your KYC application in order to get approved and therefore qualify for the Airdrop.
  2. Visit NOIA Network GitHub page and follow instructions there to download the NOIA Node Client software and install it on your machine.
  3. In order to qualify for the weekly Airdrop, your node:
  • Must be properly configured (ETH address in KYC application must be the same as the ETH address in your Node settings).
  • Must have the 8058 UDP data port and 8048 TCP control port opened.
  • Must be up and running for at least 72 hours a week (aggregate time).

*Timer resets every Friday at 12 pm UTC.

4. You can start running your node today, even if your KYC application hasn’t yet been processed — the time will be recorded and accounted for later.

5. You will be given a unique referral link. Share it with your friends and increase your weekly rewards of NOIA tokens. Log in to NOIA Network dashboard to learn more.

Have questions?

Feel free to reach out to NOIA Network community managers on Telegram.


NOIA Network reserves the right to change details of Testnet participation conditions / instructions / requirements. Testnet participants will not receive any tokens until the Token Generation Event. The record of each participant’s payouts will be kept on our database until the Token Generation Event, after which the tokens will be distributed.