What’s been holding back the Creative Fields from fully moving to the Cloud?

Computer-aided design (CAD) software has been widely adopted and used in many industries. Architecture, design, engineering and art are just a few of the many fields that have been affected. Two-dimensional (2-D) drawings with three-dimensional (3-D) models are getting popular as 3-D printing technology is making its way into industries ranging from manufacturing to biotech. And all this “heavy file” intensive software is now moving onto the cloud.

Moving to the Cloud

Onshape is at the forefront of moving CAD software to the cloud. With the CAD software residing entirely in the cloud, there’s no software to install, no files to save, and no licenses to keep track of. The software runs entirely within a web browser. All users have to do is simply log in and access all of their documents.

This approach to CAD has also fostered an environment of third party software vendors. Many add-ons for rendering, simulation, and much more can integrate directly within the browser-based interface. Again, users don’t need to install any software or switch back and forth between different programs. As a result, it’s now possible for a design engineer to do almost every aspect of their work without ever leaving their browser.

Even though this incredible convenience is impossible to reject there are some disadvantages of using the cloud. For example, users must maintain a continual connection to the internet in order to retrieve or work on their files. Users also worry about storing their intellectual property on external servers. By boosting the ongoing exchange of heavy files between the cloud and user, NOIA Network addresses these concerns directly.

NOIA Network’s role

The resulting ease to create will mean one thing — more things being created, as well as more data being delivered and stored. The amount of data stored in the cloud will increase immensely. All these “heavy files” will have to be delivered to the cloud and back to the user as effectively as possible. And that’s where NOIA Network becomes crucial. It will ensure the most effective way to deliver all this data back and forth with the bits of your most demanded data will be cached as close to you as possible by our traffic prediction algorithms. The constant flow of data is vital for a successful CAD integration onto the cloud and NOIA Network is ready to provide what’s necessary.

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Originally published at noia.network on September 21, 2018.