My Friends once asked me a trivial question during our late night talks and I’ve found an answer that surprisingly become quite handy when someone asked about anything related with romance.

So the question was:

“What does a word Love mean to you? How do you define it?

Either it’s because of the alcohol (always remember the Universal Law: Alcohol = Truth) or my sentimental mood just hit me that day, I suddenly answered

Love is Gravity

Those words that suddenly popped up from nowhere suddenly caught everyone’s attention.

Realizing I need to maintain everyone’s judgement that I was still sane and sober, I felt kind of obliged to tell them the rest of the story.

“You know, we’re all basically Stardust and every inch of our body had a cosmic origin that we can trail to the very beginning of Universe”

Turned out I was right — here’s the graphic from Astronomer Jessica Johnson, which displayed the origin of each elements. Human body is 96% made up of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen.

“That’s the reason why the law of Gravity residing within us; we tend to pull one another and put our loved one as the center of our universe. And that’s how affection works too, right? It’s Gravity I tell you.”

“Okay, that’s put more sense into your theory. But it’s just some things you splurt out of alcohol, right? More proofs on the theory?”

My friend then poured me another drink to get the discussion going.

“Well, okay. Let me tell you some case studies from my previous experience.”

I take a deep breath, try to gather all my consciousness to connect the dots.

“So, my first encounter with Gravity was during my College days, let’s just called her The Big Bang.”

“You know when we were young and stupid right? Teenage angst and Gravity (Love) were the fuels to all of our activities most of the time.

So at the end of my puberty period, came along The Big Bang. She was the first phenomenon that turned my universe away with intense Gravity.

To be honest, I’d send a letter back to my 22-old self saying: you were right and it was the best decision for both of you to go separated ways.

Why? The more intense the Gravity between both of you, then the more it sucked your life away.

In the end, you lost control out of it and both of you just exploded.”

“However, I never felt sorry for my time with her, because Big Bang allow me to learn how the Gravity works.
It showed me how love can make things turned out of hand.
In the end, it allowed me to learn more, especially on how to shape my life away into well balanced universe.”

“Okay, this getting a bit interesting. So what’s your next case study?”

Sensed curiosity coming from their expression, I felt kind of relieved, because I know I already got their approval on my sanity check.

“So after Big Bang, it was nothingness.

I was back to the blissful corner of my universe, alone yet very content. Even though there are many other stars or supernova coming by and caught my attention, I’d prefer to keep my orbit away in the dark; waiting to get a strong foothold again before playing around with Gravity.”

“Then suddenly, came along the Black Hole.”

“The interesting part of Black Hole was, she also got used to with nothingness like me. We’re both independent and never had any problem living unattached to any constellation.

Both of us enjoyed the dark beauty of silence and loneliness, while at the same time reached each other minds through talks on our interest and views. She slowly pulled away my universe with enough Gravity.”

“But you can’t always expect other person to have the same thinking, view, opinion, and interest as you right?

We, human, is unique in our own way and the more we expect similarities between us, the more difference we’re going to find.

This is the problem with Black Hole, because when you have this large white sheet of similarities, then it’s easier to spot even a black dot of difference right?

Black Hole was short-lived, since we don’t have any statement to begin with, we just evaporated naturally. The Gravity that pulled us in was also the one that pulled us out and going separated ways.”

“But again, I’ve learned many things from Blackhole and the most important one is:
Gravity doesn’t always mean similarities, but it can be difference.
Why? Because only with difference we complete each other”

“So after going back to the same state like before, yadda yadda yadda, then came along The Sun“

The Sun and I were pretty much different like day and night.

She’s the warm Extrovert, the one who’ll ensure everybody around her enjoyed their time and put a smile on their face. A keeper I would say.

While I’m the awkward Introvert, the one who’d love to sit around the corner to enjoy the silence,

Of course, until someone dragged me into their discussion and left me alone again after I challenged them with my views or opinion.”

“It was different when The Sun pulled me out from my corner, because I can only see the beauty side of our difference under her mesmerizing charm.“

“The only problem with The Sun was, you cannot be so selfish to make her all yours.

She take a good care of everyone and that’s how she obtained happines: by seeing the persons around her are happy.

While I was keeping my orbit around her constellations, other planets would do the same thing.”

“In the end, when you got too close to the Sun you’d get burned from envy and jealousy. And that’s how we got separated and she had chosen another planet to be with her for all eternity.”

When seeing things backward, I realized the biggest thing I’ve learned from The Sun was patience: patience for our difference and patience for my commitment to her.
Because Gravity works for everyone and you could always find another shining object that pulled you in, even when you already got someone.

“So what’s the last one?” my friend asked.

“She’s the Earth” I answered


“Because she’s live-able and that made all the difference”

What’s the catch? It’s one day before my wedding and since I couldn’t sleep, I tried to focus the rest of my energy to write this story.

However, this is probably the last time I would write fiction or short story.

I’ve decided to focus my writings on Technology, Design, Product and other things that related with my career path (another Medium publication will coming up soon!).

Rangga – now settling down on the Earth