Even more on TextExpander 6…

Well, that was quick. Yesterday, Smile announced new pricing options for their powerful, and in my opinion, “must-have” TextExpander apps for Mac OS X and iOS.

I figured something would give, but I seemed to be the only one on the web that was fine with their new product features and pricing. The announcement should effectively silence, or at least mute the uproar, with new pricing for existing users that puts annual costs for the new version on par with typical software upgrades. Yes, it is now an annual cost, but $20 bucks a year (for existing users) for an essential productivity tool is reasonable, in my opinion.

In addition, Smile is extending sales and support for the existing legacy versions for stand-alone or “common sync” use, i.e.: Dropbox or iCloud. New users can choose the old versions or an annual license for the new apps and Smile sync service.

I stand by my earlier sentiment that, at least for me, TextExpander is professional software that is critical to my ability to deliver work product. For professional use, even at full price, the pricing model is reasonable. For consumer, or “occasional” users, the revised pricing structure keeps the cost of entry relatively low and confirms that Smile is unwilling to lose the low end of the market, at least for now.

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