More on TextExpander 6

My previous post about Smile Software’s update to the perennial favorite was intended to emphasize how TextExander 6 moves the needle for iOS as a serious writing environment. However, Smile is taking a lot of heat on this with their new subscription model, so I thought I would follow up.

I get it…it’s expensive, and for casual users that paid once three years ago, outrage is expected. I think it’s possible that Smile is conceding the low-end of the market, users that consider TextExpander a nice bonus utility (as I once did) as opposed to an integral part of the writing experience (as I now do). In this case, the cost, in my opinion is worth it.

Subscription models are common in professional software. It seems to me that that is where Smile sees the future for this product; serious writers and others who rely on text expansion as a fundamental component of their workflow, not just those who want to quickly expand the date or their email signature.

For now, at least for my workflow, TextExpander 6 is worth it. I can’t write the way I want to write on iOS without it and staying with the old version simply doesn’t cut it. The sync (with it’s inherent security concerns), sharing, and the other new features are a bonus.

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