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Digitalising kitesurfing and wingfoiling

Duotone puts performance, design and innovation at the core of its strategy. The Duotone team wanted a refresh of their current app UI design alongside introducing new features. They also wanted to develop a ‘sister’ app for the relatively new sport of Wingfoiling. The aim was to stoke out current kiteboarders and inspire new riders to get into Wingfoiling.

Following existing brand values, we reworked the Duotone Academy App to refine and reboot their digital identity. Our UX UI team developed new features, gamified elements, and a smoother user journey. Our production team used epic footage of Duotone’s riders and the app screens designed by the UX UI team to launch the app in a 1.30 min video.

Today we are proud to be Duotone’s go-to creative agency, from UX UI, graphic design, copywriting and video production. As water sports enthusiasts ourselves, we love the outcome and can’t wait to see riders enjoying the new features, discovering new spots and learning new tricks.

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