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It was our 3rd Birthday ✨

26298 hours. 1095 days. 156 weeks. 36 month. 58 Collaborations. 34 States/Countries. 4 Continents. 28 Brand Developments. 26 Mobile Apps. 32 Websites. 6 Campaigns. 5 Photo- & Video Productions. A lot of motion. Some animation. Several illustrations… Oh all right, you get the point, we’re exhausted, Nah, we mean excited! 😂

It’s been 3 years of branding and digital design. 3 years or aligning our passions. 3 years of nature, sports and the great outdoors. From our incredible partners to striking new brands and digital products, it’s been a gnarly wild ride! As we are celebrating our third birthday, we want to take a moment to pause and look back at some of the most meaningful and noteworthy moments of the last year.

Our mission

From the very beginning, our ambition has been to create brands, products and digital experiences that encourage people to get outdoors and experience the world, actively. Today we are proud to be able to say that we work with some of the most exciting names in sports, outdoors and sustainability and that we shape many of tomorrow’s defining brands and digital products.

Our team has never been more stoked and that’s got to be down to our epic partners who have trusted us with their projects and for believing in us. So a huge thanks to our partners… you are the reason we are able to continue to do what we love 💙


Our surroundings seem to be stoked too. Our wonderfully talented Managing Director, Ida Bjerga, has been announced as a finalist for the Entrepreneur of The Year by Nordic Women in Tech Awards and she’s nominated as Founder of the Year in Denmark for the 2021 Nordic Startup Awards.

Our new look

To celebrate our 3rd year, we decided it was time to give our own identity and website a little bit of a facelift. We launch our brand new website featuring unexpected compositions, striking visuals, a lot of outdoor imagery, in-depth case studies, and inspiration from the natural world perfectly blending in.

Our team

We founded the studio to create a place we would be happy to work in. After three years, our team is based all over the world, but our passion for creativity and nature is what brings us all together. When we aren’t designing, you’ll find us out in the wilderness skiing, climbing, surfing, yoga-ing… is that a word? Well, it is now… Basically, we push limits, both with our work and with our adventurous spirits.

It has been a crazy little journey getting to where we are now, and we wanted to thank you all. Thanks for trusting us with your projects and for believing in us, you are the reason we are able to continue to do what we love 🖤 Thanks for the dreams, inspirations, ideas, knowledge and seriously good advice, you’ve shared so generously along the way 🖤 And hey we can’t forget ourselves -thanks to our radical Noise team (friends family and fools), we were crazy to join this ride and we are crazy to stay on it. We are so so grateful and we feel very lucky every day 🙏 Year 4, bring it on!

We are not for everyone. And that’s a good thing.

Noise Studio is an international creative agency working at the intersection of digital and branding. We create unexpected design solutions for some of the most exciting names in sports, outdoors and sustainability.

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