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The Perfect Fit

Better together 💙 We have collaborated with the talented Vitamina Audiovisual to produce a promotional video and a series of photos for The Magic 5.

The Magic 5 team has spent years crafting the world’s first custom-fit goggles that are designed specifically to match the contours of a swimmer’s face. Our objective was to showcase the exquisite through and detail of The Magic 5 google while communicating the goggles’ uniqueness.

Through a promotional video and a series of photos, we wanted to explain the product’s features, the facial scanning technology behind the goggle and how these goggles are different from others and change the swimming experience forever.

Here’s a sneak peek of our work 👆👆 What do you think?

▪️ See the full case study
▪️ Watch the video
▪️ Visit The Magic 5

Get the world moving through Sports Tech

(photo by Pause Fest)

Last week we took part and held a panel on Sports Tech at Pause Fest, Melbourne — the world’s leading festival for business and creativity and has been described as ‘Australia’s SXSW’, ‘Octoberfest for business’ and ‘Woodstock for digital natives’ 😎.

Thanks to Charles Johnson, PUMA Group; Gideon Silverman, Awayco; and Ben Sanders, PlaySport for a great conversation on how technology and our digital products can help us be more active and outdoors, facilitate participation in sports, and (hopefully) help us solve the world’s physical inactivity crisis. Besides our panel on “how to move the world through Sports Tech”, these were our most interesting takeaways:

◾️We need to challenge our established understanding of movement. Rather than focusing on the scale or promoting knowledge, find the person’s “why” and what triggers emotions, and then encourage purposeful movement (Paul Francis, Global Head of Sports Science, Adidas)
◾️On creativity and how to find inspiration “…the real world is the inspiration for sure. Nemo came from diving and seeing real fish and the reef”(Brian Green, Character TD, Walt Disney Animation Studios)
◾️Why branding is important “We are controlled by our emotions and our feelings… Most products are commodities. We don’t pick the one that is the best or is the cheapest. We pick the one we connect the most with.“ (Haraldur Thorleifsson, Founder & CEO, Ueno.)
◾️Finally, inspiring to hear how Patagonia measures their impact and about their aim to use 100% renewable energy by the end of 2020 and to be carbon natural by 2025. Impressing, inspiring and congratulations! (Shannon Bourke, Environmental and Social Initiatives Manager, Patagonia)

A big thanks to Pause Fest for a great conference and letting us be part of the important discussion on digital and technology and how we can grow together!


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