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The power behind the game 💫⚽️

The true power of sport exists off the field as much as on. It lives in the passion of the fans, the determination of the coaches, and the dedication of the analysts. The spirit of a team belongs as much to those who work tirelessly behind the scenes as it does to the stars on the pitch.

Metrica Sports is committed to partnering with the unsung heroes; the analysts and coaches at every level who live and breathe the game. They exist to support the ones who are with the players every step of the way and to them do what they do best by providing quality, innovative and meaningful video data analysis for teams globally, at every level of the game ⚽️📺.

We couldn’t have been more proud to have partnered with Metrica Sports on their logo redesign, full rebrand, and UX UI of their landing page. The ‘M’ shaped logo we created is inspired by the shape of Lionel Messi dribbling a football, and it embodies a shared passion, dynamism and skill.

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▪️ Read about them in Forbes

Nomads Surfing x Noise Studio

We are firm believers that when you know better, you do better. We’ve joined forces with the Nomads Surfing team and co-created Change Comes in Waves, a series of inspiring messages to uncover the story behind the products that inspire us to surf for change.

Together we can make a difference🤘🏻🌊!

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