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The world’s first real-time sweat sensor

Cutting-edge technology, a world-class product, and an awesome team… but no identity. When Flow Bio came to us with a brand mark from an online logo generator, we knew this was a huge opportunity to add value to their company by developing their identity into a symbol of power and innovation through new branding and video production.

At the core of Flow Bio is their product, the Flow Patch. So it felt fitting that their logo (the core of their brand) should be a symbolic representation of this technology. Following the logo design, we developed their brand guidelines, UI style and pitch deck. One year later, the Flow Bio team came back to us with an investor video brief. Through meticulous art direction, planning and talent, the result was a short film that was not only used for investment outreach, but also on their website and across their social channels.

Our ongoing relationship with Flow Bio has resulted in a brand identity and design style that their whole team is proud of and committed to. We’ve witnessed their team collaborate with a range of world-class athletes who are as dedicated to the brand as we are, and we can’t wait to see them grow more and more in the future.

“As a design-driven product company, we are incredibly picky and tough. We are extremely happy with how Noise Studio translated our vision. If you are a company building products or services in the sports domain, this is 100% the design partner for you.”

Stefan van der Fluit, Flow Bio

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Season Wrap Up

“The team in Europe is gearing up for some sunshine and warmth as the summer months roll in. The Noise family in the southern hemisphere is now welcoming in the winter. In this spirit of change, we wanted to celebrate some of our favourite winter and summer sports collaborations from the past few months… with a very special ski trip to round the European winter season off.”

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Noise Studio is an international creative agency working at the intersection of digital and branding. We create unexpected design solutions for some of the most exciting names in sports, outdoors and sustainability.

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