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‘DECRIM OUR SURVIVAL’ — A day after TDoR2019, Trans Activists with DecrimNow demand action from Bowser Officials before next Transgender day of Remembrance!

Activists with No Justice No Pride and DecrimNow to protest Bowser Administration leaders demanding justice for Sex Workers, calling for action before the next TDoR.

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Emmelia Talarico, No Justice No Pride

Tiara Moten of NJNP Speaking at DC Annual TDoR Memorial

(Washington, D.C.) — On November 21st at 3PM, DC Area activists with No Justice No Pride and DecrimNow plan to protest the offices of Michelle M. Garcia, the director of the District of Columbia Office of Victim Services and Justice Grants; over the OVSJG testimony on behalf of the Bowser Administration at the October 17th City Council Hearing on B23–0318, the “Community Safety and Health Amendment Act of 2019”.

The DC Trans Needs Assessment showed 41% of Trans sex workers in DC felt sex work was their only option for income. 1 in 5 Sex workers in DC have been approached by police for asking for sex. Further research shows that over 80 percent of street-based sex workers experience violence in the course of their work. Criminal penalties have also made sex workers more vulnerable to violence and police abuse. By removing criminal penalties, we can reduce the vulnerability of sex workers to exploitation and violence, promote public health by improving access to services, and help address human trafficking.

While acknowledging that Mayor Bowser may not be moved by protests from her constituents; activists with today’s protest feel that the people appointed by this administration may feel differently.

What: Trans and Sex Worker Rights activists disrupt the OVSJG Offices calling for action on Sex Work Decrim
Who: Sex workers, activists, community leaders and organizations with NJNP and DecrimNow
When: November 21st, 2019 at 3PM
Where: One Judiciary Square — 441 4th Street, NW, Washington DC 20001


No Justice No Pride —
No Justice No Pride is a collective of organizers and activists from across the District of Columbia. We exist to end the LGBT movement’s complicity with systems of oppression that further marginalize queer and trans individuals. Our members are black, brown, queer, trans, gender nonconforming, bisexual, indigenous, two-spirit, formerly incarcerated, disabled, white allies and together we recognize that there can be no pride for some of us without liberation for all of us.

DecrimNow —
DECRIMNOW DC was created by the
Sex Worker Advocates Coalition (SWAC), a group of individuals and organizations promoting the human rights, civil rights and liberties, health, safety, and well-being of sex workers and people profiled as sex workers in Washington, DC while advocating for legislation and other policy changes to challenge the system of criminalization of sex work.

No Justice No Pride

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No Justice No Pride seeks to end the LGBT movement’s complicity in systems of oppression that harm LGBTQ2S communities. Old Account:


No Justice No Pride (NJNP), a collective of organizers and activists from across the District of Columbia; We exist to fight for trans justice and to end the LGBT “equality” movement’s complicity with systems of oppression that further marginalize Trans and Queer individuals.

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