For #TDoV19, Support our Housing Collective for Trans Folx!

Today is International Transgender Day of Visibility, a day devoted to celebrating the collective accomplishments of transgender and gender non-conforming people around the world, and raising awareness of the work that’s needed to save lives. TDOV began in 2009, because people realized there weren’t any LGBTQ-dedicated days that celebrate the successes of transgender people, so trans folks made their own.

OF Course at The NJNP Collective — which was created as an intentional community home for Trans current and former sexworkers in search of safe housing — we celebrate the accomplishments of trans folks everyday! We are less than(at the time of publishing) $1700 away being able to cover our April housing costs, We are getting soo close!

For TDoV, can we show up for our Trans Familia by raising the remainder of the monthly costs?

The NJNP Collective, started by No Justice No Pride Last year; has been a vital resource to DC’s Trans and Activist Community and currently has nine long term trans tenants — many of whom lack access to stable employment and need our help in order to remain in the district near vital resources and work. NJNP additionally provides temporary housing, and sometimes in rapid response situations; for 5 to 20 young trans and queer people lacking stable housing a night at the collective or throughout our local network.

For International Transgender Day of Visibility, lets show up for trans folks by ensuring their housing is funded. Please share and invite your networks!

All the ways to support listed below(for those who prefer not to contribute through facebook.):

Happy International Transgender Day of Visibility sibs!