NJNP struggling to find second home after long summer drive to save housing for Trans community members

No Justice No Pride
Sep 8, 2019 · 3 min read
Help the NJNP Collective reach their goal to save housing for Trans community members.

The NJNP Collective has been a vital resource to DC’s Trans and Activist Community and sometimes helps as many as 20 displaced trans sex workers a night with housing and support needs. Since June, we have been dreading the day we would have to find a new home. As we wrote about earlier this summer, that day has come. NJNP is still busy fighting to secure new housing, now a week after we were suppose to leave.

Check out the timeline below on our updates, where we are at now and how you can help support us!

  • After two months of fundraising and saving, weeks of searching for a home; we came to the conclusion that being able to get one house large enough to fit everyone was unlikely and decided to change our plans to find two 3–4 Bedroom homes to split the collective up into.
  • To add to this, we greatly underestimated how much it costs to apply to each property. Most applications charge between $45 and $65 per person per application, unless on a website like zillow where each person only has to pay once but can apply to as many applications in a 48 day period.
  • As of August 31st, we spent $2,115 on application fees.
  • Last Saturday, we signed a lease on one 4 bedroom for 4k monthly rent with a 3k deposit and moved half of the collective into it the next day. Also on Saturday, we were approved for a second 4 bedroom home.
  • On Sunday, that second home fell thru — the person who has approved us did not have the authority and we’re not really sure if that house was even for rent or if it was a scam.
  • We paid our current landlord (the place were moving out of) $992 to stay till the 7th.
  • Since the 31st, we’ve submitted nearly 20 applications on zillow, and 5 on other websites totalling $1,150 in application fees. We were approved for two homes that were just too small for us and won’t be ready till the 1st.
  • We are looking at several homes this weekend and still have many applications that are open in the process of being accepted or not.
  • We have spent more than $800 on cleaning products, repairs, basic things like new light bulbs to help the current landlord prepare the home for showing (since they are out of state, we thought this would make it easier for them).
  • On Thursday, being concerned that we still haven’t found the place we called the current landlord to pay for the rest of the month and to try to be out the last week.
  • She rebuffed yesterday with an offer for $2250 for one week. We told her we will be out on Monday and that what she is doing is clearly exploitation.
  • Right now our game plan is to move as much things as we can into the house that we signed last week. Since that house is too small for everyone still at the old house our current plan is to try as hard as possible to get a lease signed this weekend and if by tomorrow evening that is looking unlikely we will be renting an AirBNB for a week or two until we are able to find a new place.

With that being said, we still need as much support as we can get. Please find all of the ways to support below, share this post and continuing inviting your networks. We love youu.

Paypal: nojusticenopride.com/paypal

No Justice No Pride

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No Justice No Pride seeks to end the LGBT movement’s complicity in systems of oppression that harm LGBTQ2S communities. Old Account: https://medium.com/@NJNP


No Justice No Pride (NJNP), a collective of organizers and activists from across the District of Columbia; We exist to fight for trans justice and to end the LGBT “equality” movement’s complicity with systems of oppression that further marginalize Trans and Queer individuals.

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