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Instagram Update: 5 Ways To Use Multiple Photos For Brands

By now, we should be used to Instagram regular updates. The Social Media platform presents new features at a fast paced, whether we like it or not, so it’s crucial for every brand or marketing team to adapt their strategy properly.

The latest? Instagram now allows users to combine up to ten photos or videos in the same post, where followers would have to “swipe through to see them all”, as explained in their official blog.

Think of it as creating an album, you no longer have to choose the best photo or video from your device (there’s a new icon for this update to make it simple to find).

It’s also, surprisingly, easy to use: Tap and hold to arrange the content, apply a filter to all of them or edit individually, then create an attractive caption for the whole post.

But how can we take advantage of this feature for business purposes? Scroll down for some recommendations.

5 Ways To Use Instagram Multi-Content Posts For Your Brand

1) Paint a bigger picture

If your company hosts events, this update is right up your alley.

Pick your favorite photos or videos from your most recent conference to thank the audience for their presence, share fun moments from your Christmas party for engagement, just go for it!

2) Tell a story

Combine text, icons, illustrations, videos and graphics (even call to actions) with a sense of continuity to keep your followers swiping left. Use every single frame!

3) Show your products

Similar to Facebook’s carousel, you can use this feature to showcase the different products you offer and their benefits for your followers.

As with all things related to Instagram, make sure the videos and photos are high-resolution.

4) Put your followers in the spotlight

It’s always a good idea to shed a light on your buyers, so if they’re using your products and tagging you, you can post multiple photos as a gallery of your fans.

5) Run a contest

When it comes to engagement, contests are a must.

Since this is a new feature and there’s not a proven formula yet, some trial and error are needed: Ask your followers to spot a specific product in the frames, get them to tell you what the missing piece in the story is, have fun with it!

To wrap things out, we have to keep in mind that there’s still room for improvement and updates to make posting more effective.

However, these fresh changes are a reminder to try new things out, to innovate and have fun, while still taking your Social Media presence seriously.

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