Presenting NokuPay at Blockchain Summit in Dubai

Our team attended the Blockchain Summit in Dubai. We picked yet another excellent event to present ToknRaise and NokuPay. The Blockchain Summit was held at the Dubai Marina Address last November 27th 2018. This is the first time for Noku to make its appearance in the Middle East countries. Of course Dubai was a destination we could not miss, since it’s the largest investment, technology and Tech Hub in the Middle East.

Thanks to a highly selected and extreme quality network of participants the experience has been indeed fruitful. A large number of potential investors and presented the project before the attendees, further increasing the popularity of the project.

Organizers reported attendance of around 500 blockchain enthusiasts, innovators and investors it was a great opportunity to meet with (potential) partners and investors, make news friends and supporters, and share knowledge. We talked to as many people as we possibly could. And of course the buzz around Noku at the event did not go unnoticed by investors.

The feedbacks we received were priceless — people telling us what they could do with Noku to enhance their projects in various areas such as health, real estate, finance, just to name a few.

In the main stage, Noku’s Head of Business Development Lorenzo Rigatti held a speech where he presented the Noku Pay project which gathered loads of interest through the audience. The idea of making merchants start accepting cryptocurrencies without a simple smartphone generated a lot of interests among the summit participants. They were impressed by how fast the transactions can be done through NokuPay, cutting down the volatility issue that is still keeping most consumers and merchants out of this market.

Since the nature of Noku pay makes an ambitious project that will require sensible efforts not only on the technology side, but especially on the Marketing side. Moreover, Noku Pay Technology is instant. Meaning that we are solving the waiting time for transactions present nowadays event within most popular blockchains such as Ethereum and Bitcoin (just to name two).

Most people we spoke to have crypto but they don’t spend them. Why? It’s not realistic to think about Crypto large adoption when you have to wait 10 minutes for transactions at the supermarket or at the bar. Or when fees might cost more than the value of the product your purchasing.

Noku pay removes these barriers, increasing the accessibility to the Blockchain world. In fact, it allows anyone who downloads the Payment App integrated within the Noku wallet and Mobile wallet, will be able to send and instant transactions to everyone who has the app.

Paying a Cup of coffee with NOKU or ETH would not only be realistic. It would be actually convenient.

Moreover, we are actively developing new partnerships and Dubai was the opportunity to meet some of them. Noku has in fact developed technologies within the last 18 months, ready to be used. However since Noku’s projects are disruptive for current existing systems, our model relies on reliable and quality partnerships to gather adoptions and make our Technology scale.

Originally published at Noku Blog.