Looking for a Furry Companion?

Are you thinking that you need something new in your life, something to shake things up? Well we’ve got just the solution!

What you really need is man’s best friend — a reason to wake up in the morning with a smile on your face and someone furry at your feet.

You may have noticed as you’ve driven around town that there aren’t any pet stores where you can go in, look at all the cute lil’ guys and pick out one to take home. This might have confused you because, as almost everyone who has journeyed across Landis Green knows, dogs are everywhere here in Tally!

So we’re here to give you a list of local pet adoption and dog rescue organizations to satisfy your dog dreams:

  • Leon County Human Society: A non-profit organization that matches families and lucky individuals with homeless pets while educating the community about responsible pet ownership.
  • City of Tallahassee — Animal Service Center: A municipal animal shelter that offers foster and adoption opportunities for all kinds of pets within their kennel as well as other partner programs to maximize your selection. (They also offer a number of volunteer opportunities in case you’re not quite ready for that big step)
  • Tallahassee Big Dog Rescue: A non-profit organization that rescues big dogs, dogs that think they’re big and cats, for whatever suits your fancy!
  • PatSmart Charities Adoption Centers: Local PetSmart supply stores pair with local adoption groups and rescue societies in order to find homes for pets in the community.

We also share pet adoption events that take place in our FSU community so keep a lookout for those, and feel free to subscribe and submit photos or stories of your pups to be featured on our sites!

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