NoLimitCoin NLC2 Fork v4 Staking Wallet Download

Upgrade to New NLC2 Wallet version v4.0.2.1

First. Backup your wallet.dat file. Open your NoLimitCoin wallet, click File — Backup Wallet.

Select a folder in your computer or a flash drive and save the backup there. Store your backup in a safe place. 
Then Close the NoLimitCoin Wallet.

Second. Download the new wallet install file from our Github here:

Third. Install the new NoLimitCoin Wallet v4.0.2.1

If on Windows you may see a Windows protected your PC warning, Click More Info, and then click the Run Anyway

Fourth. Open the new NoLimitCoin wallet program just installed, let the wallet sync and that’s it.

This new wallet version will load your previous wallet.dat file that has your NLC2 on it.

If on windows you will see a new NLC2 shortcut on your start menu.

This new wallet is a mandatory update for all NoLimitCoin staking wallet users. This wallet version will migrate NoLimitCoin staking wallets across to the new NLC2 forked blockchain.

If your wallet gets stuck syncing or it is crashing with another error this video tutorial explains how to fix it

You can read more about this update and fork to the NLC2 blockchain here:

If you need any support please lodge a ticket at :