Important announcement about Cryptopia and Yobit


Cryptopia has announced they will be liquidating and will not open anymore as we hoped. They handed over the control to the liquidators recently. We are compiling a list of holders that had NLC2 in Cryptopia with their email address and amount you had in this exchange. Any holders wishing to place a claim VS a catastrophic loss insurance fund in NLC2 can submit the claim by opening a ticket at and indicate A. Amount, B email address at cryptopia and C wallet address for recovered coins. NLC2 will then be in contact with the liquidators and in their email autoresponder they are right away saying months. We responded by saying it was not acceptable for simple balance confirmation and eventually the recovery of the coin. The coin in somewhat very protected now, as its not updated, so the coin on their exchange is not on the updated chain. So it’s actually gives us protection for those coin to end up in circulation. If you have already submitted your claim you don’t need to. We will push them and see if we can get the coin recovered and depending on how long it looks like we may pay and then recover those coin or wait, but either way, NLC2 is behind those coin through that insurance fund.

Yobit (Avoid!)

Do not send, buy or withdraw NLC2 at Yobit. They are on the wrong chain. After 5 months and hundreds of tickets, Yobit never replied. The initially did put the wallet into maintenance, and kept asking for the (paid) update but after 5 months we started pressuring them and indicating we would take legal action and their response was to open the wallet but without ever having updated the code. Meaning they intentionally and maliciously opened the old chain causing coin loss to anyone that sends or withdraws. They are also then able to keep the real coin that people send and steal it. They have done such things to other coins. We have replaced some coin to a handful of people that fell into this situation the last few days, but going forward we will no longer insure and replace Yobit coin to people that lose coin sending or withdrawing from Yobit. If you have coin at Yobit, and for the next 2 weeks, WE WILL SWAP YOUR YOBIT NLC2 OUT. Open a ticket at and indicate you wish to swap your NLC2 out of Yobit. Then we will respond asking you to create a Yobit code and explaining how to make it. We will also be pursuing them to delist us and we had asked this and will do through legal channels. We may set up a “Yobit Scams” blog to allow for others to post their stories to better make our case to local law enforcement in their city of record about their practices. Its is evident all over the internet and even in their internal chat, many people have lost money there and are desperate and they don’t respond to any communications. We will try to consolidate any other complaints into ours and make our case stronger. All we want is for them to delist us or move to the right chain and return all coin that has been lost by senders and withdraws. But we will also not stop pursuing this matter until this is resolved, as it affects our image as a coin and will inevitably cause people to send coin. We have asked to remove from the list.

The NoLimitCoin Support team