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8 min readAug 21, 2019


APPs ready for release with NFL season.

It took months to get approved for the Apple iTunes store, but we finally did receive the approval for the iTunes store and APP will be ready for season launch.Google play is done. The APP finally puts us on the same competitive plane as Draft Kings and Fan Duel. We recognize that even if the site is responsive, the majority of the regular players and pros will only play on sites with APPs. This has been “the elephant in the room” and probably the biggest barrier to player growth we have. This has been a long time coming, took over 10 months to get Apple to approve us, but its finally here and in time for the NFL season. We are now confident our player base will grow this season and we are excited to be in this moment. It really is the launch of the platform, now with the APP. All contests now will be in dollars.

New look to site is released

Comments from regulars has been very positive. We thank all the people from staff, advisors and players that participated in the defining of the new look on This was a collaborative effort and we are proud of the results.

Wallet APP in development for Q1 2020

The second APP, is the wallet APP that is under development and will focus on simple, fast and secure operation. We are also aware that this a very important component, a wallet APP that is very easy to use, and allows purchase of coin outside the USA. One great feature on this APP will have the ability to stake coin from the APP. The phone itself will not be “crunching the chain” and wont use bandwidth or power but the wallet where coin resides will be stored in a collective and combined wallet that will be staking, so the APP wallet will have the feature to allow staking at 4%. This is a unique feature to a staking coin. To allow staking from the APP, yet not actually using phone resources. Its a form of delegated proof of stake, but in this case you are just delegating the wallet itself. Now with our accounts open on Google play and Apple store we can expect to get the APP in quick.

Soccer/European Football

In order to better complete the APP we put Soccer into maintenance and we can expect to have it re opened soon after APP launch in September.

The team

The team list has been updated and shows our core team members. We also have other contributors and consultants that are part of the team. We have an effective team that with time has evolved into a great team that supports and moves the project forward every day. To see the team go to

Licensing for Fantasy sports

We will start the process of getting licensed for the states we are not operating in now and expect that in 2020 we will get licensed in multiple states. We will start with New York and work on 2 states at once afterwards. This is an important step and now we can aspire to be in the rest of the states that allow it by 2020.

Licensing for online sports betting

n the process of state certification for Fantasy sports, we will also start the process for licensing for sports betting that will also require partnerships with land based casinos There are currently 10 states that allow online sports betting and the rest are moving bills through the chambers in different states. You can see the progress of the states here

These states are the ones with most advance in the laws and approval. Where NJ and Nevada already have it.

  • Illinois (Legalized June 2019)
  • Indiana (Legalized May 2019)
  • Iowa (Legalized May 2019)
  • Maine (Bill passed; awaiting action in 2020)
  • Montana (Legalized May 2019)
  • New Hampshire (Legalized June 2019)
  • North Carolina (Legalized July 2019)
  • Tennessee (Legalized May 2019)

Our peer-to-peer platform is the first game that can be promoted to the stats where its legal. Peer-to-peer is operational for real betting outside the USA and for the USA you can use the platform with play chips provided at no cost.

Money raise

We are going to publish the equity sale documents in October at The goal will be to raise up to $5M dollars for the same of company equity. We hope to raise the funds before the end of the NFL season or by the end of 2019. Funds will be used to grow the player base as well as expand team and portfolio of games.

eSports, MMA and Cricket

These games have been rescheduled to 2020 and are listed on the roadmap

New affiliate promotion.

Affiliates for the NFL season will be paid $10 equivalent in coin for USA players and $5 for non US players when you bring a player that registers and plays. This does not require purchase by players to qualify but will requires KYC for the players that wish to claim their extra bonus that will be $5 for the player if he wished to claim the bonus. The claim bonus button will be in the game and will ask for ID and selfie with ID to approve. Existing bonuses for purchases will be increased also. New Affiliate plan will be released this week. KYC’s purpose is to verify the player is real, since without it, spammer will register many accounts.

Nasdaq Interview

The interview will air on FOX as promised by the company exploring the block, date and time TBA. The interview did air on local San Francisco station KRON.


Poker is a platform we lease from a software firm and has provided another platform to attract players and generate coin demand. The platform was placed into maintenance and the tournaments re-configured recently. Tournaments have been well visited and filling up and the platform is smooth and effective. We will also offer $5 for non USA poker players via affiliate plan and expect this will bring more players. Fees for tourneys are now being collected but cash games remain rake-free. The platform is a great mass adoption “tool” for NLC2 and we will develop marketing methods to bring more players going forward. We are happy with the platform and look grow the base significantly going forward. We will initiate cross promotion with the fantasy site this season as sell as other marketing. We see a correlation between new players and new web wallets. Small tourneys or free-rolls may seem small, but the bring players and expose people to NLC2 which is a great benefit. Once platform has many players the fees for tourneys will be a good source of profit, but now our goal is as many players as possible for mass adoption and exposure to NLC2. We see value from this perspective for NLC2 even at the small state it is in.

The path to today

We are proud of the achieved goals up to now with deployed and operating platforms with years now of intense development, testing and feedback from the community. This has been a great experience and the product is a robust and fantastic platform built for 1/100th of what our competitors invested, yet we have a competitive product now that the APP will be finally deployed. The price of the coin has suffered by the lack of demand from players from the games because the base did not grow to great numbers yet, but that is a corner we will be turing now and can now expect the full model to take off with success from many players as well as coin demand from them with APP release. Given the platforms and given the growth we desire, coin price could and should benefit from the new players and the demand. There are 47,000 registered people in our combined platforms. We need to grow this number many times over and specifically the active players. We still know that the day player based start to grow that we expect, coin demand also will and the price will benefit positively.

Credit card processing

This has been the biggest issue we have dealt with over time and went through 2 processors that at the end did not prove reliable. We are confident that we finally have a good processor that will be ready for NFL launch. This is a key component for people that are not crypto experienced and is an easy way to buy coin. We understand it’s the key and we think we are there. We want to have 2 credit card processors now as well as gift card payment gateway.

2019/2020 and beyond.

We have really barely arrived at the finished product, now that the APP will be available. It is clear to us the price of the coin reflects the market opinion related to the lack of a large player base and usage and up to today, the growth and player base has not been large or growing exponentially. But we expected this in the development years, but that now ends. Now with the APP, we can aspire to big numbers. Marketing will be done via gambling blogs this year and now that the APP is here we expect the numbers to grow much faster in terms of players and subsequently coin demant.

The plan and financial model is the same it was from day 1 and now we have arrived at a robust, complete, tested and deployed platforms. As the developer, I am proud of our progress and product and team. I am not proud of the coin price, but now feel all “my ducks are in a row” and have great optimism going forward and set for coin demand. It will take a very small number of active players purchasing coin to impact price, and if this number starts to grow and grow, the numbers can become astronomical in terms of demand and price. Of course that is our goal and we will pursue the goal relentlessly.

I thank the team that has been there throughout the years now and the long road will just make the success and return of a coin in demand that much more sweeter. There are multiple other projects for NLC2 we are working that are very exciting in the works, and as soon as any of them conclude we will announce, but my point here is, we are pushing hard with as much optimism as always in terms of platform.

(it’s finally here!)
Thank you, NLC2 community !!!

Rafael Groswirt
Limit Fantasy Sports, LLC