No Limit Fantasy Sports, LLC NoLimitCoin Progress Update

Aug 21, 2019 · 8 min read

APPs ready for release with NFL season.

It took months to get approved for the Apple iTunes store, but we finally did receive the approval for the iTunes store and APP will be ready for season launch.Google play is done. The APP finally puts us on the same competitive plane as Draft Kings and Fan Duel. We recognize that even if the site is responsive, the majority of the regular players and pros will only play on sites with APPs. This has been “the elephant in the room” and probably the biggest barrier to player growth we have. This has been a long time coming, took over 10 months to get Apple to approve us, but its finally here and in time for the NFL season. We are now confident our player base will grow this season and we are excited to be in this moment. It really is the launch of the platform, now with the APP. All contests now will be in dollars.

New look to site is released

Wallet APP in development for Q1 2020

Soccer/European Football

The team

Licensing for Fantasy sports

Licensing for online sports betting

These states are the ones with most advance in the laws and approval. Where NJ and Nevada already have it.

  • Illinois (Legalized June 2019)
  • Indiana (Legalized May 2019)
  • Iowa (Legalized May 2019)
  • Maine (Bill passed; awaiting action in 2020)
  • Montana (Legalized May 2019)
  • New Hampshire (Legalized June 2019)
  • North Carolina (Legalized July 2019)
  • Tennessee (Legalized May 2019)

Our peer-to-peer platform is the first game that can be promoted to the stats where its legal. Peer-to-peer is operational for real betting outside the USA and for the USA you can use the platform with play chips provided at no cost.

Money raise

eSports, MMA and Cricket

New affiliate promotion.

Nasdaq Interview

The interview will air on FOX as promised by the company exploring the block, date and time TBA. The interview did air on local San Francisco station KRON.


The path to today

Credit card processing

2019/2020 and beyond.

The plan and financial model is the same it was from day 1 and now we have arrived at a robust, complete, tested and deployed platforms. As the developer, I am proud of our progress and product and team. I am not proud of the coin price, but now feel all “my ducks are in a row” and have great optimism going forward and set for coin demand. It will take a very small number of active players purchasing coin to impact price, and if this number starts to grow and grow, the numbers can become astronomical in terms of demand and price. Of course that is our goal and we will pursue the goal relentlessly.

I thank the team that has been there throughout the years now and the long road will just make the success and return of a coin in demand that much more sweeter. There are multiple other projects for NLC2 we are working that are very exciting in the works, and as soon as any of them conclude we will announce, but my point here is, we are pushing hard with as much optimism as always in terms of platform.

(it’s finally here!)
Thank you, NLC2 community !!!

Rafael Groswirt
Limit Fantasy Sports, LLC


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