NoLimitCoin BEP-20 token swap and PancakeSwap guide

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6 min readMar 31, 2021


In this video NoLimitCoin CEO Rafael Groswirt gives a guide on how to swap your NoLimitCoin NLC2 to the Binance Smart Chain BEP-20 NLC Token and also how to setup your wallet and trade on PancakeSwap.

Mike D Crypto also has a video tutorial on how to do the Token Swap.

In this guide we will list all the steps to swap your NoLimitCoin (NLC2) coins to the new Binance Smart Chain NLC token.

  • Before you initiate the Swap Request you need to set up Metamask.
    Download metamask only from
  • Sign in to Metamask or setup a new account
  • Then, you click this:
  • This is for adding the BSC network. When you switch to this network, you can now interact with smart contracts on the BSC network using the BNB native asset.

How to initiate the swap request

  • Enter the amount of NLC2 you want to swap
    (minimum amount is 1000)
  • Enter in your BSC Wallet Address
    Please view our Binance Smart Chain video guide here on how to setup your BSC Wallet address in Metamask. Below I have copied my BSC wallet address from Metamask.
  • Click the ‘Initiate Swap Request’ Button
  • Send your NLC2 to the provided NLC2 Swap address
    You can send the NLC2 from any wallet, whether its a Desktop staking wallet, NoLimitCoin web wallet or an exchange wallet.
  • Update the NLC2 transaction TX ID from your wallet into the provided field. If you are using the desktop wallet, you can click on the transactions tab, right click the recent transaction and click Copy Transaction ID.
  • Wait up to 24 hours for the swap to be processed and your NLC BSC tokens will arrive in your BSC wallet. These transactions are processed manually so please be patient.

Now we will show how to transfer your NLC tokens to PancakeSwap and trade there.

First, you will need some BNB tokens in your account.

BNB is used to pay transaction fees on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), similar to how ETH is used to pay transaction fees on the Ethereum network.

In order to get BNB tokens into your BSC wallet, if you live in the U.S.A you can either use the website and setup an account there, or you can choose to use a VPN on the main website.

We recommend Private Internet Access ( PIA can be installed as an extension on your browser, just like MetaMask.

Once you have it installed, you will have to connect to a country that is supported by Binance, such as Japan.

At this point, you can log into Binance, send some funds there, and use those funds to buy BNB tokens.

You will then want to withdraw those BNB tokens to your BSC wallet.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you withdraw to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), NOT the Binance Chain (BNB).

The other option using you can follow the steps here that Rafael lists in the video

Once you have some BNB in your BSC wallet, you are now ready to transact on PancakeSwap.

Go to and connect to your MetaMask wallet. Then navigate to the “Trade” tab on the left hand side. Then click “Exchange”.

On the exchange interface, you will find a drop down menu that says “Select A Token”.

Click on the “Select A Token” drop down menu, and add the NLC token by pasting the contract address 0x6519cb1f694ccbcc72417570b364f2d051eefb9d

into the text box.

When adding the NLC token to PancakeSwap please make sure you copy the correct Contract Address. The NLC Contract Address is:


You can view the NLC Contract on the BSCScan Explorer here:

You can also use this link here to trade NLC on PancakeSwap

Once you have the NLC token added to PancakeSwap, you are ready to initiate a transaction. Simply input the amount that you would like to buy or sell, and select which token you would like to swap for.

MetaMask will ask you to approve the transaction, and then you just need to wait a few seconds for it to confirm.

That’s it! You are all set.

NOTE: The very first time you transact with a new token on PancakeSwap, you may need to do 2 separate transactions- 1 transaction to allow PancakeSwap to access that specific token, and 1 transaction to do the actual swap.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long do I have to complete the NLC2 to NLC BSC Swap? What is the deadline?

A: You have 12 months to complete the swap, the deadline will be 31st March 2022.

Q: When will I receive my new NLC BSC Tokens?

A: Within 24 hours your NLC BSC tokens will arrive in your BSC wallet. These transactions are processed manually so please be patient.

Q: Can I send my NLC2 from an exchange address?

A:Yes you can send your NLC2 from an exchange address, just make sure you copy the withdrawal transaction ID to submit on the Swap page.

Q: Why are we swapping to the Binance Smart Chain and not Ethereum?

A: Watch our video here or read our guide here to see why we made this decision.

Q: Is the transfer is happening on the web wallet?

A: No the web wallet is just where you request the token swap, but you can send from your desktop wallet