NoLimitCoin Marketing Strategy Update

Sep 3, 2018 · 3 min read

NoLimitCoin team members Anthony Yencken and Oscar Peralta give an update on the marketing strategy for NoLimitCoin and No Limit Fantasy Sports going forward into the NFL Season and the rest of the year.

New Marketing Advisor

We are happy to announce that we have a new marketing advisor John Hartman that has joined the team. John Hartman is an award-winning technology and start-up growth advisor who has worked with brands such as RayBan, Oakley, L’Oreal, Sony, Warner Bros, and Intuit. He is formerly a management consultant with Accenture and president of a marketing and technology agency named Piston. Currently advises 10 startups on accelerating their growth and customer success. John will provide important strategy and guidance to help grow NoLimitCoin and No Limit Fantasy Sports to acquire more customers.

Affiliate Program

The Affiliate program for No Limit Fantasy Sports is continuing to gain traction and more affiliates are signing up each week. The platform now provides correct tracking information and incentives to allow our platform users to refer their friends and receive a $10 bonus for doing so.


LinkConnector is a leading affiliate marketing network with thousands of affiliate partners we can potentially work with. We are working with LinkConnector on a pay for performance model where we only pay them for every conversion and new customer that signs up and deposits to the website. It works where we provide the banners and ads for the partners to bring traffic to the No Limit Fantasy Sports and Poker platforms and we track all the traffic via the affiliate links.


Tapjoy is a mobile engagement and optimisation platform where their software is currently embedded in over 15,000 mobile apps and reaches over 520 million active users per month. Using Tapjoy’s network we will be running mobile ads and offers to targeted games and fantasy users to sign up to our platform. Mobile is an important part of our marketing strategy and using Tapjoy will directly allow us to target relevant mobile users for our platform.


Linestar is Top Rated DFS Lineup Generator and Analytics Provider based in San Diego with over 150,000 Active Users. No Limit Fantasy Sports is now an Affiliate Partner with Linestar and will be working with them running offers to bring new users to our platform. Our offer will be shown on the Linestar website along with their other trusted partners. This partnership will be a great way to bring new active fantasy users to the platform.

Blog / Search Engine Optimisation

No Limit Fantasy Sports will also setup a new blog to target new customers through Search Engine Optimisation. By creating relevant content articles around key search terms and keywords we can work to rank our website in Google and Bing and target users looking for direct solutions. It is a great way to target new users who are actively looking for solutions as they search and attract them to the platform. We will be working with many content writers to write great blog posts and articles as well as email newsletters to keep our current platform users engaged and also grow our brand awareness.

We will also be running large Social Media Advertising campaigns on Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube Video Ads. We will be focusing largely on fantasy sports players and channels to bring in new players to the platforms.

We look forward to growing our platform through our marketing strategies over the NFL season and the next year. Thank You.


NoLimitCoin (NLC2) is a Proof of Stake coin with instant…

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