Inside Nomad House with Thomas: Budapest 2016

This post is part of our series on Nomad House digital nomads, remote workers and creative entrepreneurs. These people make up Nomad House — they’re our family, and they make each Trip unique.

First thing’s first, what’s your name and how old are you?

Thomas & I’m 28.

And what do you do, workwise?

I’m a freelance motion designer, so I do animation and video work, that sort of thing.

What was it that attracted you to Nomad House (or coliving in general)?

I’d been experimenting with living and working from new places across Europe, up until I found Nomad House I was just doing it all on my own. Nomad House seemed like a great way to carry on what I was doing but meet some like-minded people along the way!

Where were you before joining?

Manchester (home)

What advice have you found most helpful, since beginning to travel and work remotely? *

You don’t have to constantly travel. A lot of people think the whole digital nomad thing is about constantly finding new places and never sticking around in one location. It’s not, it’s more about having the freedom to choose where you work and for how long. Do whatever you’re comfortable with, whatever makes you happy.

Which lessons will you be taking from the Retreat?

It reaffirmed what I’ve known in the past: if you get a bunch of like-minded people together, great things can happen.

How has Nomad House shaped your future?

I’ve made friends for life, met people I may never have found otherwise. I’m sure they’ll help shape my future in more ways than I can imagine.

How do you feel about this lifestyle now — how do you think it will grow, and will you be trying more coliving programs in the future?

I think everyone should try it. Living out of a backpack makes you realise you don’t need to own a lot to be happy, and gives you a greater appreciation for the comforts when you do have them. Hopefully more co-living programs will be on the cards, it’s a great way to meet like-minded people.

And a quickfire round…

Describe your gear setup [what do you take with you, your essential ‘in kit’ items]

Laptop! — Although mine is currently giant and needs shrinking 
Osprey Farpoint 40l rucksack — carry on size with plenty of room for all my stuff 
Clothes — could do an entire post on this, merino wool as much as possible Roll vacuum bag & packing cubes — invest in these, trust me. 
Clothes soap — great for cleaning clothes on the go. 
Clothes line — travel clothes line for drying clothes 
Travel adapter 
Bag of nuts — last thing you want to be when travelling is hungry.

Describe your essential apps.

Google Maps, Google Translate, Foursquare

Describe your travel stack [your preferred websites for booking travel].

Google Flights & Skyscanner

Anything else to add in?

If you’re unsure how you’d cope with the lifestyle just try it for a week, 10 days, if you find you can’t work then at the very least you’ll get a holiday out of it.

Where can people get in touch with you?

@TEDavis — Twitter & Instagram 
ThomasDavisHere — YouTube — See what I do