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Why you should find your tribe as an entrepreneur?

First, congrats on starting your business.

Second, good luck. 🤙

Building a business is a tough journey.

You’ll be anxious, overwhelmed, alone and sad at some point.

Surround yourself with people on the same mission and those sad moments won’t affect you.

You may even get side benefits.

Get emotional support when shit hit the fan

You may don’t know it yet, but shit hit the fan quite often when you’re an entrepreneur.

It’s not always as beautiful and charmful as tech crunch success stories describe it.

How many times I’ve cried alone… because my landing page wasn’t converting or nobody wanted my products.

Life becomes more comfortable once you meet people like you.

Like-minded people understand what you’re facing because they’ve been there too.

They might find the right words to put you back on track.

Challenge each other to stay on track

How many times do you feel overwhelmed by big tasks? Quite often, right?

Instead of moving towards your goals, you end up re-organizing your pictures, switching your analytics tool to this brand new super cool tool or consuming content on how your business will be better if you do task you should do.

This is what happens when you don’t have external pressure. You’re the one setting deadlines, goals and tasks. And you can change them whenever you want. And you’re not always honest…

With that said, surround yourself with people who can keep you accountable and get pressure from them.

For example, if you don’t write 500 words a day, you do something you don’t like, or you pay a certain amount.

You may become more productive.

Get better feedback & co-create

Asking a random designer if your landing is excellent, could often result in poor feedback or just an « I don’t have time, sorry.»

And feedbacks are useful…

You need people who know your style, your audience, and your business to get better feedback.

This exercise could lead to ideas or new features.

I know it’s hard for your ego, but trust me the best idea for Nomad House came from participants and my co-founder.

As we said, ten brains are more efficient than only one.

Celebrate wins

The more we are, the funnier…

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