22 of the Best Remote Job Resources

To Get You Out of the Office and on the Road

Nomad Pass
Jul 12, 2016 · 5 min read

Dreaming of flexibility and the freedom to work and live anywhere you choose?

Remote work is becoming the new wave of achieving work-life balance and more and more companies are turning toward tech to help them manage a remote staff.

At Nomad Pass, we encourage everyone to get out of the office and on the road, so we’ve compiled a list of 22 resources to help you do so!

For the General Job Seeker:

1. Working Nomads — curates remote jobs in multiple fields, sign up for their newsletter to get up to date information about new jobs. Working Nomads

2. We Work Remotely — is the place to find and list jobs that aren’t restricted by commutes or a particular geographic area.

3. FlexJobs — fully screened, legit remote job listings featured in many notable publications. FlexJobs

4. Virtual Vocations — an extensive database of telecommuting jobs, many industries represented with a free or upgraded paid subscription.

5. Remote OK — is a very useful resource that helps you find a job you can do from anywhere. Remote OK features thousands of remote jobs from every field possible. You can also browse the list of highest paid jobs which could come handy while negotiating salaries.

6. Skip the Drive — has a large amount of options for remote work with handy filters.

7. Jobspresso — handpicked, remote careers in interesting and innovative companies. Clarence Kin

8. Remotive.io —a newsletter with useful content and tips related to remote work. Helpful when navigating how to pick the right career path for you. Remotive

9. Jobbatical — Craving for a vacation but cannot stop working? Find 11 or 12-month job in exotic locations a professional career break. Here people use their skills and knowhow to work on an exciting project in a new team in a new environment. Jobbatical

10. Jobscribe — is a good way to keep a track of potential opportunities- a subscription that sends you a list of remote jobs every day. These jobs are handpicked and tailored according to your preferences.

Tip: use your favorite job search platforms, such as Indeed.com, LinkedIn, or The Muse and simply type “Remote” in location.

For the Designers:

11. Dribbble — can be used to showcase your work as a designer and as a platform to find jobs. Just make sure you choose “remote/anywhere” under the location box.

12. Toptal—is an exclusive network of the top freelance software developers and designers in the world. If you can make it through their selection process, you are threw to start a good life as a freelancer. Toptal

For the Developers:

13. Side Projectors—gives you a chance to convert your passion project to money. Side developer is an international job board for side projects. Side Projectors

14. Power to Fly—is a great platform to for remote work in tech for women. One advantage is they help you from the end to end process which also includes salary negotiations. PowerToFly

15. Stack Overflow—is a community of 4.7 million programmers working together. Constantly updated and easy flow and filters to use. Joel Spolsky

16. Github — though used to build personal projects, it has become the unofficial resume for developers. Most jobs are tech based startups. Github

17. Workatho.me — is a job aggregator and most of the tech jobs are for high end developers.

For the Marketers:

18. Inbound — a great community of over 140,000 marketers. Provides a good platform to look for remote marketing jobs. Also great credibility, once you are directed to the career page of the job you like, don’t forget to use inbound as a reference.

19. Growth Hackers — a powerful resource: platform for collaborations, ideas and jobs for marketers and growth teams. growth hackers

20. Cloudpeeps — A great place for growth hackers, PR reps and marketers looking for freelancer jobs. There is a competitive application process but this has made the site attract big companies for various projects. CloudPeeps

For the Progressives:

21. Escape the City — was built on the belief of letting people out of the office environment and escaping the city. Helping people find progressive companies they can really believe in. There are a large number of remote jobs you can find here. Escape the City

22. Idealist — Want to remote work for a NGO? Idealist connects job seekers to NGOs. There are a hundreds of listings for remote work from activism to writing. Idealist

Good luck on your job search and be sure to check out Nomad Pass’s destinations and community (coming soon) for when you decide to hit the road! Remote work doesn’t have to be lonely.

Our project, Nomad Pass, currently in BETA, enables professionals to work remotely from anywhere around the world. We have listings of unique places around the world where professionals can live & work from and a community of professionals to connect to wherever you are. Read what we are all about here & Get your Pass!

If you are interested in guest blogging for us or contributing to the project, email us info@nomadpass.com we would love to hear from you!

Nomad Pass

Stories about Working Remotely, The Location Independent…

Nomad Pass

Written by

Company & team retreats easy, fun and productive. Inspire and motivate your team in beautiful locations. More:https://nomadpass.com/startupretreats

Nomad Pass

Stories about Working Remotely, The Location Independent Movement & The Future of Work

Nomad Pass

Written by

Company & team retreats easy, fun and productive. Inspire and motivate your team in beautiful locations. More:https://nomadpass.com/startupretreats

Nomad Pass

Stories about Working Remotely, The Location Independent Movement & The Future of Work

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